Colin's Munros


A'Mhaighdean, Ruadh Stac Mor & Beinn Tarsuinn; map 19
26th June 2004 & 2nd April 2008

Route: 24.5 miles; 1590m=5215' ascent; 12–13 hrs

Dubh Loch from A' Mhaighdean The path up the west face of Ruadh Stac Mor Ruadh Stac Mor from the south RuadhStacMor from lower slopes of Beinn Tarsuinn The exhilerating NW ridge of BeinnTarsuinn

Route: In summer one might include Slioch as the extra distance is minimal, and it would save another long walk in.
Terrain: There is no path along NE shore of Loch Fada, but instead time-consuming peat bogs everywhere below 600m. Good path from main top of A'Mhaighdean to Ruadh Stac Mor, with good cairns marking each end of the ascent through the crags of Ruadh Stac Mor. (Note that from the bealach another path bends round and down to Fuar Loch Mor, but the path to Ruadh Stac Mor carries straight on.) The West ridge of Beinn Tarsuinn is narrow with pinnacles; straightforward scrambling. The descent from Beinn Tarsuinn is straightforward but rocky down to 700m, then peat bogs and a deep ravine for the main burn S down from Bealach Odhar. Follow the path on the E side of this ravine.
Weather 26/6/04: Gusty winds; sunny till 11.30 then continuous rain with a thunderstorm.
Weather 2/4/08: Heavy wet snow above 600m, but dry, sunny intervals & light wind.

26/6/042/4/08 Description Ht.Asc.Dist. Grid Ref.Mob.
03150630 From A832 at E end of Kinlochewe follow sign to Incheril,
and park at end of road (a large car park)
35   00.0 milesNH0377562395Orange
04050720 Take track E/NE to fork at Heights of Kinlochewe 90  55 NH0721264186 
04200735 Left fork in track then N to bridge 140105 NH0740965335 
Track end and path split 250215 NH0702766691 
05050825 Left path NW to start of first lochan 320285 NH06276835 
05300855 Sandbank at E end of Loch Fada 3203057.0 milesNH05046992 
 1010 NW along loch shore to below rocky outcrop      
 1045 Continue NW along loch shore (no visible path),
then ascend to Pollan na Muice
525510 NH02007335 
Ascend ridge NW to M A'Mhaighdean, S top 96795011.5 milesNH0077574913Orange
   NE to col 935    
08201215 N to A'Mhaighdean, N top 948965 NH0096675264 
08451240 Descend SE/E/NE to bealach 745  NH0164375435 
Follow winding path NNE up through crags,
then E to M Ruadh Stac Mor
918114012.5 milesNH0185275662Orange
09301325 Return W/SSW down crags to bealach 745  NH0164375435 
10101420 Contour S at 750m to Stac a'Chaorruinn then
descend S/SE to Pollan na Muice
525  NH01707440
 1515 Ascend due E to NW ridge of B.Tarsuinn 800  NH03347335 
Scramble S/SE/E over pinnacles to M Beinn Tarsuinn 937157015.0 milesNH0396172792No Orange
1300 — Either: Descend SSE down ridge directly to E end of L. Fada 320 17.5 milesNH05046992 
 —  Or: ESE to Bealach Odhar      
 —1710 SSE down E bank of burn to end L.Fada 320 17.5 milesNH05046992 
13301745 Return SE along path to S end of first lochan 3201590 NH06276835 
 1750 Deer Fence (start of excellent path)    NH0630868081 
14001810 SE to track end and path split at NH070667 250  NH0702766691 
14151830 Bridge at NH074654 140  NH0740965335 
 1845 Path split at Heights of Kinlochewe 90  NH0721264186 
15301930 Car park at Incheril 35 24.5 milesNH0377562395Orange

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