Colin's Munros


Stuchd an Lochain, Map 378W; 15 May 2006 (AM) & 21 Aug 2008 (AM)

Route: 730m = 2400' ascent; 5.3 miles; 2hrs 40 mins

Route: With so much driving to reach them, Stuchd an Lochain and Meall Buidhe are best done together with a light rucksack and lunch at the car/dam inbetween. The total for both walks is then 10.4 miles; 4200' ascent; 5 hrs. However, (for those knocking off Corbetts) both can be done on separate days, including the neighbouring Corbetts Meall Buidhe and Sron a'Choire Chnapanich with Stuchd an Lochain and Cam Chreag with Meall Buidhe, and camping overnight between these days.
Access: The start is about 25 miles from Aberfeldy & 12 miles from the former Lawers Nature Centre. From Bridge of Balgie take the road west for 2.5 miles, then fork right (marked "Lochs Estate") to Giorra Dam (a further 1.5 miles) at Loch an Daimh. Do not drive across the bridge at the dam. There is an unobtrusive gate which may be open if workmen are at the dam, but will be locked when they leave. There are no notices warning that it is private, nor any "no parking" notices.
Weather 15/05/06: 8°C at car; thick, low cloud down to 500m; occasional light rain; light wind.
21/08/09: Warm, but overcast. Cloud base variable around 3000'.
Terrain: Wet peaty paths when off ridges.

15/5/0621/8/08 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Grid RefMobile
09351030 Park at Giorra Dam off Glen Lyon 410   00.0 milesNN51184637No Orange
   W/S/SW/W on track to 150yds past dam 430  500.55 milesNN50654605 
10201115 SSW up path to line fence posts at cairn on ridge 800?4000.95 milesNN50454542? 
1030  WSW up ridge to Cairn near top 870470  
10351125 W to top Creag an Fheadain 8884901.4 milesNN49784528 
1040  SW to col 845 1.6 milesNN49594495 
10501135 SW to T Sron Chona Chorein (cairns)
(The path leaves the fence & bypasses the top.)
9275701.9 milesNN49334457Orange
1055  W to col 910 2.0 milesNN49184460 
1100  W to col 8905702.4 milesNN48534459 
11101155 Flat summit ridge until final 60m pull up to
M Stuchd an Lochain
9606402.65 milesNN48274486Orange
   Return same way: SE to col 890 2.87 milesNN48534459 
1120  E to cairn 910670   
  Bypass Sron Chona Chorein 9276803.4 milesNN49334457Orange
11351215 NE to col 845 3.7 milesNN49594495 
11401220 NNE to top Creag an Fheadain 8887203.9 milesNN49784528 
1140  E to cairn just down from top. 870    
11451225 Path by fence posts to cairn on ridge. 800? 4.33 milesNN50454542? 
12101255 Descend path N to Giorra Dam, S end. 430 4.95 milesNN50924613 
12151300 Road N to car below Giorra Dam. 4107305.3 milesNN51184637No Orange

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