Colin's Munros


Buachaille Etive Beag, Glen Coe, Map 384; 8th January 2005

Route: 890m = 2925' ascent; 7 miles; 5½ hrs

Weather: I had intended doing this in combination with Buachaille Etive Mor, but the weather was too bad on that occasion. It was bad this time too! Cold with strong winds and hail. Soft snow underfoot above 1500'. Cloud level initially above all tops, but falling and below tops when reached.
Route: There are better starting points than as here, such as the A82 cairn parking at NN187563 or Glen Etive NN172515, both of which avoid a boggy start and that in Glen Coe is shorter and higher.

1055 Park on A82 at NN213560 310   00.0 miles NN21315600
1155 Path SW up Lairig Gartain to 390m 3901001.8 milesNN19505391
1255 NW to Bealach Mam Buidhe 7484502.4 milesNN18765451
1315 SW to top 9026002.67 milesNN18455416
  SW to col 880 3.0 milesNN18175367
1335 M Stob Dubh 9586803.2 milesNN17925354
  Return NE to col 880 3.4 milesNN18175367
1355 NE to top 9027003.75 milesNN18455416
1405 NE to Bealach Mam Buidhe 748 4.05 milesNN18765451
1430 NE to M Stob Coire Raineach 9258804.35 milesNN19155481
1445 Return SW to Bealach Mam Buidhe 748 4.65 milesNN18765451
1525 Descend SE to Lairig Gartain at 390m 390 5.25 milesNN19505391
1625 Path NE along Lairig to A82 3108907.0 milesNN21315600

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