Colin's Munros


Ben Vorlich & Ben Vane, Map 364S; 1st February 2010

Route: 1750m = 5750' ascent; 12 miles; 8 hrs

Comment: Ben Vorlich and Ben Vane can be done separately, of course, but are straight-forward to climb together in one, longish day.
Weather: Cloud base at 2900'; no sun; 0°C. Dry on B.Vorlich; snow falling on B.Vane and covering footsteps.
Terrain: Soft, patchy old snow on tops.

0935 Park at P by Inveruglas power station
on A82 up Loch Lomond
  15   00.0 milesNN32280989
0944 S along A82 to track under railway bridge.   15 0.6 milesNN31770921
0956 Track W to elecricity transform station 130  NN30830921
1007 Track W up Inveruglas Water to Bridge 1601451.9 milesNN29880951
1017 Track NNW to start of path at Lag Dubh.
(The path starts on other side of stream from
pylon after line of telegraph poles crosses road.)
2001852.6 milesNN2954010292
1057 Ascend path NE to gully 560545 NN3011910818
1120 Ascend path NNE to col. 740725 NN2994411253
1139 Path NE to ridge 795780 NN2989011443
1155 NNW on ridge 890875 NN29581200
1203 N up ridge to trig post   4.0 milesNN2958212298
1206 300m NNW to M Ben Vorlich (Cairn) 9439304.15 milesNN29501245
1210 N to col 904  NN29471276
1214 N to T Ben Vorlich, N Top (on map edge) 9319604.5 milesNN2947413013
1218 Return S to col 904  NN29471276
1228 S to trig post 9419955.0 milesNN2958212298
1235 SSE on ridge 890  NN29581200
1245 SE on ridge to Lag Dubh path 795  NN2989011443
1250 SE to Col 740  NN2994411253
1305 Path SSW down gully 560  NN3011910818
1338 Path SW to road at Lag Dubh 200 6.4 milesNN2954010292
Either (Easier and faster) Continue on road
back to bridge and start of Ben Vane walk
at NN29520923.
Or SW to ford Inveruglas Water (easy)
1358 Horizontal Hydro path (on map) 2771085 NN2915109897
1402 Hydro pipe path 2881095 NN2907309763
1405 Dam at corner of horizontal hydro path 3001105 NN2898409794
1408 Leave hydro path & ascend 3101115 NN2896309642
1431 Join main ascent path 4401245 NN2873709501
1505 Pt on path 6361445 NN2850409677
1540 Good path WNW up ridge to minor top 8551665 NN28050985
1555 Unclear route through cliffs (path covered
by snow) W to M Ben Vane
91517358.6 milesNN27750985
1605 Return same way by path E to Minor top 855  NN28050985
1715 Path ESE down ridge to track 210 9.75 milesNN2952209200
1722 Track NE to Bridge over Inveruglas Water 160 10.1 milesNN29900952
1733 Track ESE to elecricity transform station 130 10.75 milesNN30830921
1745 Track E to railway bridge   15 11.45 milesNN31770921
1756 Track E to A82 & N back to P at Inveruglas   15173512 milesNN32280989

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