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Beinn Bhreac & Beinn a'Chaorainn; maps 36, 403; 12th July 2003

Route: Walking: 800m = 2600' ascent; 10.0 miles; 5hrs
Cycling: 180m = 600' ascent; 9.4 miles; 1hr 20 mins

Route: An extended version of this walk, which includes Beinn Mheadhoin, is given on the previous page but one.
The times here are very slow owing to exertions the previous day. The ascents and distances above exclude cycling back from Linn of Dee to Braemar at the end of the day.
Note that I cycled 1.6 miles beyond Linn of Dee at a two-way average of 5½mph which seems almost worthwhile instead of walking.

0930 Lift to Linn of Dee 3700.0 milesNO06338977
1000 Cycle to Derry Lodge 4253.1 milesNO04119338
1020 Cycle N on track to burn bridge in Glen Derry 5004.7 milesNO044955

1020 Walk from br over burn in Glen Derry. Path
starts 100m before this at rock on large boulder.
500  00.0 milesNO044955
1135 NE to M Beinn Bhreac 9314351.5 milesNO05869707
  W to col 907 1.75 milesNO05529716
1145 W to T Beinn Bhreac, W top 9274551.9 milesNO05279721
  N to bealach 845 2.9 milesNO05009864
1250 N to T Beinn a'Chaorainn Bheag 10176304.85 milesNJ05720172
  W to col 950 5.05 milesNJ05410166
1315 WSW to M Beinn a'Chaorainn 10837605.65 milesNJ04500136
1345 SW to path at top of Lairig an Laoigh 740 6.65 milesNJ03360040
Lunch at junction with L. Etchachan path 590 7.55 milesNO03539905
  Path S to path junction for bridge 5007609.35 milesNO03819614
  Ascend hill left on track to highest pt 5307909.7 milesNO04119578
1520 S along track in Lairig to bike at bridge 5007959.95 milesNO044955

1520 Bike on track at bridge in Glen Derry 5000.0 milesNO044955
1535 Cycle S to Derry Lodge 4251.6 milesNO04119338
1550 Bridge over Lui Water where track splits 4003.6NO06399147
1600 Left branch ESE to gate on track to Mar Lodge 3555.6NO08849002
1620 ESE to Victoria Bridge 3356.6NO10238954
1640 E/NE to Braemar 33010.4 milesNO15109138

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