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Beinn a'Ghlo, Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain & Carn Liath Map 43; 4th October 2003

Route: 13⅔ miles; 1330m=4365' ascent; 7–8 hrs

Access: From B8079 in the centre of Blair Atholl, take the C road north, taking two rights (both of which avoid left turns over bridges) on the way to Loch Moraig. Park at NN905672 just before the loch.
NB Deer stalking may take place from August to October except on Sundays.
Route: For the most part, this route is straight-forward. The only issue is the southern approach to the Munro top Airgiod Bheinn. Apparently there is a path around the base of Beinn Bheag, but from the track end it's a tiresome 1½ miles over bogland to the stoney ridge of Airgiod Bheinn.
The walk has two additional points of easy access which can be used to tackle or reject parts of the route. Both involve the bogland just mentioned. One is via the Allt Bealach an Fhiodha to Bealach an Fhiodha between Beinn a'Ghlo and Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain. The other is over Beinn Bheag's northern col to the bealach between Braigh Coire Chruinn-bhalgain and Carn Liath.

4/10/0330/1/10 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Grid Ref.
07000830 Parking at L. Moraig 350    00.0 milesNN905672
 0920 Track ENE to end of loch, then
right fork ENE to track split
4301152.53 milesNN940683
08200940 Continue ENE on track
almost to Allt Coire Lagain
4501353.15 milesNN948685
 1015 NE on new path to base of
SW ridge of Airgiod Bheinn
5502354.55 milesNN952707
09101135 Good path NE up ridge to
T Airgiod Bheinn
10617455.5 milesNN961720
 1145 N/NE to col 1010 5.85 milesNN964725
09301200 NE to cairn on Beinn a'Ghlo 11108456.25 milesNN970732
09451205 NE to trig point 11208556.45 milesNN970732
09501207 NE to M Beinn a'Ghlo –
Carn nan Gabhar
11218576.5 milesNN971733
 1221 Return SW to col 1010 7.2 milesNN964725
10201233 WNW down to bealach 845 7.6 milesNN958727
11001315 Ascend W, then SW over bump,
then W to M Braigh
Coire Chruinn-bhalgain
107010908.45 milesNN945724
11301340 SW then S then W, then S again
to bealach
765 9.4 milesNN939714
12101433 S/SW/SSE to M Carn Liath, trig pt 975130510.6 milesNN936698
13001545 Good path SW/SSW down
to track at cabins
420 12.2 milesNN923678
13201615 WSW to parking at Loch Moraig 335133013.65 milesNN905672

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