Colin's Munros


The Eastern Fannichs: Sgurr Mor etc., map 20; 27th Mar 2004 & 12th Aug 2009

Route: 16.3 miles, 4230' ascent, 8hrs 40mins.

Route 1: There are two possible approaches to the first Munro, Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich, represented by the two routes given here. I preferred this first one, although steeper in places. The other, route 2, is given below.
Note two good bridges on the walk out at NH255714 (380m) and NH263722 (330m). There is also a good forestry track invisible from the road, starting at the second of these bridges and finishing at a gate NH280741 in the deer fence 100yds S of the weather station NH278743.
Weather 27/03/04: Cloud & drizzle till 12.30, clear & sunny thereafter, thin easy snow over 3000'.

0835 Drive along A835 to W end of Loch Glascarnoch.
Park at NW end of bridge by weather station at NH278743
263   00 miles
0905 NW along A835 to Loch Droma dam at Lochdrum 270  15 
0940 Cross dam and take track W to sluice gates NH230748 34590 
1010 Ascend path S to bealach above L. Sgaireach at start of ridge NH228738 5502954.75 miles
1110 SW to M Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich NH219724 954700 
1130 After descending ridge SW for 300yds, turn NW to col on corrie lip NH216723 845  
1140 Ascend rim of corrie SW to bump NH210718 945800 
1150 Continue WSW for 250yds to col 935  
1215 W/NW/N round to M Sgurr Mor NH203718 1110975 
1235 Descend due S to col NH205712 945  
1240 SSE to T Meall nam Peithirean NH207708 9741005 
1250 Take SE branch of ridge passed Creachan Rairigidh
to path branch at col NH216701
1315 Continue SE to M Meall Gorm NH221696 9491120 
  Continue along ridge E/SE to col 905  
1330 Ascend SE to T Meall Gorm, SE Top NH232692 9221140 
1345 SE down ridge to Bealach Ban NH237686 775  
SE/S up ridge to M An Coileachan NH241680 923129011 miles
1500 Descend due N, aiming for E edge of Loch Gorm
to bealach S of Meallan Buidhe at SE corner of Loch Gorm
  Contour N along slopes of Meallan Buidhe and descend
by Abhainn a'Ghiuthais Li (hard work over peat bog)
to bridge at end of forestry track NH263723
1715 Take forestry track NE to road at NH281740 & A835 NW to car 263 16.3 miles

Route 2: This is about 0.4 miles less but 40m more ascent than previous route. It is a poor approach to the first Munro, starting with a long boggy stretch and finishing with 2kms of very stoney terrain. It is better to use the more scenic route 1 above which starts with walking along L.Droma, over the dam, along the track by the pipeline & ascending to L. Sgaireach.
Weather 12/08/09: Warmish, showers, some wind, sunny from 1330 or so. Cloud base 1000m; most tops clear.

0635 Drive along A835 to W end L. Glascarnoch
Park by bridge & weather station
0640 100m E on A835 over bridge to signpost,
then Forestry track to gate. Take left
at gate to stay on main forestry track which
heads uphill rather than along the river.
0700 Track S uphill to bend 337  NH2753973320 
0710 Track SW to highest pt at 1288' 394130 NH2688272678 
  Continue track SW to signpost 378  NH2671572395 
0725 Track/bog W dn to bridge 1086' 330  NH2636072126 
0745 Vehicle tracks W over bog to... 395  NH2547671743 
0840 W up ridge to Creag Dhubh Fannaich 757560 NH23527188 
  W to col 735  NH23147176 
0920-0925 SW to M Beinn Liath Mhor Fannaich 9547804.95miNH21987241Orange
  Ridge 300m SW then contour NW to col 845  NH21627221 
0950 Ascend corrie rim SW to bump 945  NH21067178 
  WSW 250m to col 935  NH20877167 
1015-20 W/NW/N to M Sgurr Mor 11101045 NH20327182Orange
1035 S to col 945  NH20607110 
1040 SSE to T Meall nam Peithirean 9741075 NH20747090 
1050/1055 SE branch of ridge to cols. (Path skirts
minor bump; times for cols on either side)
836  NH21607007 
1115-25 SE to M Meall Gorm 9491190 NH22166961Orange
  E/SE to col 905  NH23006932 
1140 SE to T Meall Gorm, SE Top 9221210 NH23236919 
1153 S/SE down ridge to Bealach Ban 775  NH23726861 
1210-1225 SE/S to M An Coileachan 923136010.6miNH24166801Orange
1255-1320 N to col SE of Loch Gorm 565  NH24256920 
1405 Descend N/NE by Abhainn a'Ghiuthais Li
(hard work over peat bog) to
Footbridge at 1300' & cross to NW bank
390  NH2523171275 
1435-1445 Path NE on NW bank to next bridge 330138015.7miNH2636072126 
1450 Track E up to signpost 378  NH2671572395 
1455 Track NE to highest pt 3941445 NH2688272678 
1525 Forestry track NE to gate near road 270  NH28057402 
1530 100m W on A835 to weather station 263  NH27607430Orange

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