Colin's Munros


Beinn Heasgarnich & Creag Mhor, Map 378W
16th April 2005 & 14th November 2007

Route: 1450m=4750' ascent; 14.0 miles; 8¼ hrs.

Directions: From Killin, cross R.Lochay & take road left up Glen Lochay for about 6.5 miles to the indicated parking. There used to be parking at Kenknock House (marked on older maps) but this is no longer possible. So the walk here is now 1.5 miles longer than described below. The hydro-electric road from Kenknock north over the pass is metalled and used to be open, but is now gated.
Route: If there is a strong prevailing wind, consider doing this walk in a clockwise direction instead so that the weather is behind on the ridge.
There are alternatives at the beginning and end. One can start by walking WSW along the hydro electric road for two miles to the Allt Bad Odhar and ascending Beinn Sheasgarnaich from there as per the GPS route linked to above. This is probably a better start than that described in the table below. One should also finish by returning along this upper road as it is very much pleasanter than the one along the valley floor.
There are a large number of gates on the horizontal hydro-electric track at 400m, and these are connected to a plethora of deer fences running upwards and downwards perpendicular to track as well as one running parallel to the track higher up the hill. This means that you are almost certain to have to climb over a deer fence a couple of times.
There are also some very tiresome, extensive new tree plantations where the peat has been turned over. One is west of the bridge over the Allt Bad a' Mhaim.
The only significant difficulty is ascending the NE ridge of Creag Mhor. It is straightforward in good conditions with visibility as there is a clear path. However, the viability of a direct frontal assault is questionable without crampons and visibility when the path is buried beneath snow. If necessary bear right: ascend W below cliffs to NW ridge then veer round and ascend S/SE up NW ridge to the summit of Creag Mhor. In the reverse direction, a similar detour is advisable in poor conditions.
For those wishing to do Corbetts as well as Munro tops, it may be worth adjoining Meall nan Subh to the ascent of Beinn Sheasgarnaich and tackling Creag Mhor and its top separately. At the far western end there is another Corbett, Cam Creag, 884m, NN37583460, which might be appended to the walk as the connecting bealach is relatively high at 725m. However, it already forms part of a very enjoyable round with Beinn Challum and the Corbett, Beinn Chaorach.

N.B. The footbridge one mile west of Kenknock marked on the 1:50000 map at NN453356 has disappeared, making it more difficult to ascend the Munros south of the River Lochay from the same starting point as here. The hydro-electric road bridge at Kenknock and the footbridge at Badour are the alternatives for those hills.

Weather, 16/04/05: 4°C at car, cold east wind, two inches snow above 2000', so walked the route from E to W. Almost no paths visible anywhere, partly because of snow. Low cloud, 800m base, but dry all day; light wind. Direction finding was difficult because of the topography, cloud & lack of paths.
14/11/07: (Slow, unfit day.) 4°C. Mostly sunny.

16/4/0514/11/07 Place HtAscentDistanceGrid Ref
09400915 Park at P by Kenknock House, Glen Lochay.
(No longer available)
230   00.0 milesNow at
10000930 Take road zigzagging NNW up to small dam 3601300.75 milesNN460370
10351005 Either Road WSW to Allt Bad Odhar at NN42993582
and then N to Beinn Heasgarnich (4.8 miles from start)
Or Fork right along road NNW to watershed on boundary
5052752.6 milesNN447392
11551125 Head due W direct to pt 949 on NE ridge
or any suitable point further S on ridge (tedious bog crossing)
9497204.25 milesNN422392
1200  S to Lochan on col 925  NN421390
SW passed lochans to M Beinn Heasgarnich
(Orange 10m S of top.)
10788754.8 milesNN413383
   S to col 1020  NN412374
12501220 SSW to X Stob an Fhir-Bhogha 10299155.5 milesNN411372
   Cross 120yds NW to adjacent top 1025  
1230 WSW to Sron Tairbh 9739405.9 milesNN405371
13451300 Easy descent W/SW to bealach (Lochan na Baintighearna)
(No path near bealach)
655 6.45 milesNN398367
Ascend SW along boundary to M Creag Mhor
(Take a detour round to NNW ridge if necessary, as above)
104713307.03 milesNN391361
15051425 W/SW/S along boundary to bealach Fridh a' Choirean 885 7.65 milesNN384355
1435 S/SE to T Stob nan Clach 95614157.95 milesNN387351
1545  SE to end of ridge at Sail Dubh 82814308.6 milesNN395345
Descend straightforward steep grassy gully
between crags at very end of ridge, then
ESE to upper hydro Track at Allt Cheathaich
394 9.37 milesNN407342
   16/4/05: Descended to lower track (probably a mistake
given the amount of cow mess along lower road)
14/11/07: Stayed on the upper track, which is much better.
16501600 Upper (or lower) track NE to Allt Batavaim 400 10.25 milesNN417351
17001620 ENE along track to Allt Badour 380 11.15 milesNN430358
ENE along track to forestry, resp.
Pipe at end of track/ road down
13.25 miles
1730   – ENE along track to former footbridge, now gone. 220  NN453356
17551715 NNE, resp. SSE, along track to P at Kenknock House. 230145014.0 milesNow at

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