Colin's Munros


Cruach Ardrain, Beinn Tulaichean, Beinn a'Chroin, etc; Maps 364N/365
19th June 2005 & 22nd August 2008

Route: 15.2 miles; 2240m = 7350' ascent; 11–13 hrs.

Route This route over five Munros certainly makes a long day, but it can easily be broken at any point by a return NNW down the nearest valley. However, with fairly high passes between most of the mountains, it makes a great round. Conditions 19/6/05: Humid, cloud base 550m; warm, mostly dry, one or two light showers, no wind.
22/8/08: Dry, but cool with dampness in the air, cloud base 4000', overcast, tops clear.
Terrain: Paths on all ridges except Cruach Ardrain to Beinn a'Chroin.

19/6/0522/8/08 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Mobile
06300725 Park at P on A82, 1 mile S of Crianlarich
(section of old road) NN369239. At N end
of parking, take stile to bridge under railway.
180   00.0 milesOrange
06350730 S to bridge over R. Falloch (not on map) NN370238 175   
06500750 Track SE to footbridge at forest edge NN37862287 245  85  
08000900 Follow E along deer fence under
Grey Height to Allt Coire Ardrain
08300935 Ascend E to col S of Stob Coire Bhuidhe NN409226 816675  
08500955 S to T Stob Garbh NN411221 9598203.3 milesNo Orange
   S to col 905   
 —1010 Stob Garbh SE Top (by-passed by path) NN413217 925840  
09101015 SSW to col 850   
09301040 SW to M Cruach Ardrain - NE Top NN409212 104610404.0 milesNo Orange
   WSW for 100yds to col 1035   
09451045 SW 100yds to Cruach Ardrain, SW Top NN409211 10461050  
10051105 SW/S/SSE to bealach NN412203 825   
10201120 SSE to M Beinn Tulaichean (cairn) NN416196 94611705.4 milesNo Orange
11501210 Return NW, leave ridge after 400m and
head directly for Coire Earb. Descend Allt Earb,
then contour round to bealach at NN400197.
(Wasted much time in clouds the first time.)
1235 — Ascend stream just W of "The Convention", then Either
W onto N ridge of Beinn a'Chroin (onto path again).
 —1245 Or (much less good) S to col with Garbh 7381395  
13051310 S (resp. W) to T? Beinn a'Chroin E top NN394186 94015957.8 milesOrange
   W to col 877   
 1330 W to M Beinn a'Chroin (top by lochan) 9421660 No Orange
   W to col 911   
13301340 W to T? Beinn a'Chroin, W Top NN385185 9381685  
13551400 Circuitous path SW then W then NW to Bealach Buidhe 805   
NNW to M An Caisteal NN378193 99518759.2 milesOrange
1455 — Either (if cloudy): Return SSE to Bealach Buidhe 805   
1515 — Descend stream SW then easy diagonal descent to
beallach NN373184.
 —1440 Or (if clear): Return SSE down ridge to
highest level section on ridge at 915m.
 —1505 Descend easy grassy slopes SW to bealach NN373184 619   
Then straightforward ascent SW to S ridge of Beinn
Chabhair then N to M Beinn Chabhair NN367179
933219010.5 milesOrange
   NW to col with Meall nan Tarmachan NN359184 719   
   Either Horizontal path W for 1km to Garbh Bealach
Or Descend directly N off ridge.
Easy descent N to Allt a' Chuilinn
or (resp.) its confluence with its main tributary.
18451755 West Highland Way at R.Falloch crossing NN352218 130 13.4 miles 
19051815 West Highland Way to tunnel under road, NN358228 1602220  
19301830 A82 NE back to layby car parking NN369239. 180224015.2 milesOrange

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