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Beinn a'Chreachain, Beinn Achaladair & Beinn an Dothaidh
14th December 2002

Route: 1580m = 5180' ascent, 16.7 miles

Route: This is a great walk if you can include Beinn Dorain as well. It adds about 350m to the ascent. I didn't have time for it on this occasion. Otherwise, start at Achallader farm instead.
There is no need to cross to the NW side of the Water of Tulla. There is a path on the SE side and a bridge over the railway at NN34934546.
The inclusion of Beinn Mhanach is possible.
In cloud the descent off Beinn a Chreachain towards Meall Buidhe can be problematic as there is no clear ridge shape to follow.

Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Grid Ref.
P beside Bridge of Orchy Hotel 180   00.0 milesNN29713954
N on A85 to Track for Achallader Farm 170 2.84 milesNN31024338
Track NE to old Tower at Achallader 175   53.66 milesNN32204429
NE to ford Allt Coire Achalladair
This may cause problems in spate.
175  NN32454461
Track NE to bridge 190  204.92 milesNN33844526
Track NE to bridge 235  656.36 milesNN35334683
SE over railway, up ridge to col 8857158.1 milesNN37684531
S to point 961 9617958.37 milesNN37774488
SW to Col 941  NN37634465
SW to bend in ridge 1045900 NN37324426
S to M Beinn a Chreachain (No Orange)
(Take care over directions if misty.)
10819359.0 milesNN37384403
Return 250m N then W to col 930  NN36944420
W beside bump 940m to col 924940 NN36754422
W to Meall Buidhe, NE top 972990 NN36484426
SW to Meall Buidhe, mid top 9731000 NN36224405
SW to T Meall Buidhe, main top 978101010.1 milesNN35964383
SW to bealach 813 10.57 milesNN35334344
WSW to bend in ridge 9751170 NN34874325
WNW to Beinn Achaladair, E end ridge (Main cairn) 10361230 NN34634335
SW to M Beinn Achaladair, mid ridge.
(Unclear that this is really the top.)
1038123511.7 milesNN34454320
SW to ridge bend 1015  NN34274300
SSW to col 955  NN34184243
S to T Beinn Achaladair, S Top (No Orange) 1002129511.95 miNN34234204
Optional detour to T Beinn a'Chuirn
and M Beinn Mhanach
S to cairn on path at Bealach 755129512.97 milesNN34014056
Ridge W/NW to minor pt 993 993153513.48 milesNN33314055
NNW to Beinn an Dothaidh 1004155513.68 milesNN33184085
W to minor top 1000158014.0 milesNN32694094
Path S to bealach
(Possible detour to M Beinn Dorain)
744 14.75 milesNN32533985
Path W to Bridge of Orchy Station
and parking on A85 by hotel.
180 16.67 milesNN29713954

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