Colin's Munros


Beinn Dearg & Carn a'Chlamain, Map 43; 5th Oct 2003 & 5th Jun 2010

Route: (with Corbett) 1605m=5260', 24.2 miles; 10hrs

Access: Drive to Blair Atholl, take road N on E bank of R. Tilt for 1km, take first left over bridge and park on left in car park after 200 yds. There is a good biking track to the bothy at NN83487367 and also a good biking road up Glen Tilt.
Route: Although this is a longish walk, much of it is along excellent tracks. By combining the two Munros here, the number of long walk-ins and walk-outs is halved. Nevertheless it is nearly six miles between Beinn Dearg and Carn a'Chlamain for which there is no path. However, en route between the two there is a Corbett, Beinn Mheadhonach, which can be done with little extra effort, specifically with 200m more ascent and ½ mile more distance.
There is an alternative walk in to Beinn Dearg passed the rifle range in Glen Tilt. It avoids the danger area.
If doing both Munros, the route includes a river crossing: the outflow from Loch Mhairc, whose difficulty will depend on recent rainfall or snow melt. However, the Munros can be done separately. This would have the result that a bicycle could be used to great advantage on both walks: for 14 out of 18⅔ miles doing Beinn Dearg; and for 10 out of 16½ miles doing Carn a'Chlamain.
The OS map shows a path between NN84717541 and NN84687676 which I followed. However, this is now so little used that it is difficult to find. Most walkers take the track up to the cairn on the ridge at NN85097570. The original stalkers’ path actually takes a better line: it is shorter and avoids boggy areas on the ridge.
Weather 5/10/03: Poor. 5/06/10: Hot, dry, slightly overcast day. 23°C max.

5/10/035/06/10 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Grid Ref.
07250655 Parking in Blair Atholl next to Old Bridge
of Tilt by Blair Castle East Lodge
150   00.0 milesNN87446627
   W from car park, then right at fork after 300m 150   0 NN87186637
 0705 Follow track NW to cross road 185 300.5 milesNN86776669
 0715 Continue straight on beside Banvie Burn
to slant crossing
250 951.1 milesNN86186730
 0725 Bear right to gate at forest edge
ignoring left down to bridge
2751201.65 milesNN85406777
08150745 Track NNW/N beside river to cairn 3602052.5 milesNN85076904
 0830 Continue N/NNW on track to bealach 5153805.25 milesNN83827279
09150840 Continue road NNW down to bothy 460 5.87 milesNN83487367
09400905 NE on track up Allt Sheichheachan
to start of path at burn
5905157.01 milesNN84887496
   Path W then N up ridge to 2nd zigzag 6806057.47 milesNN84747516
1000  Continue N to path split after next zigzag 7406657.74 milesNN84717543
  —0925 Take left path N if spotted, else continue to cairn 8007258.05 milesNN85107572
Path N up ridge, taking right fork at 900m,
to M Beinn Dearg trig pt   (No Orange)
10089409.33 milesNN85307778
   N to col 960 9.75 milesNN85487842
1125  N to minor top 9759559.9 milesNN85557867
   Optional Detour: NW to col 915 10.15 milesNN85297894
11351050 NW to X Beinn Gharbh 93297510.27 milesNN85147908
   E back to col 910 10.4 milesNN85377901
 1110 Contour E round N end of Beinn Dearg to col 855 11.0 milesNN86247885
 1120 Then E to Elrig'ic an Toisich 885100511.25 milesNN86687876
   SE to bealach 736 12.05 milesNN87507786
EITHER: SSE to Cairn on Carn a'Chiaraidh 870114012.45 milesNN87867737
  —  S to col 825 12.75 milesNN87987687
  —1225 S to C Beinn Mheadhonach   (No Orange) 901121513.4 milesNN88007579
  —1255 Diagonally NE down to Feith an Lochain 630 14.05 milesNN88807643
  —  E to S col of Aonach na Cloiche Moire 905145514.9 milesNN90097615
  —  ENE to track end 905150515.45 milesNN90947638
   — OR: Contour E to N shoulder of Carn a'Chiaraidh 745101512.6 milesNN88327810
  — Due E down to Feith an Lochain burn. 625 13.05 milesNN89017802
   — ESE to Cuil Riabhach 795117513.8 milesNN90117763
   — S to Aonach na Cloiche Moire 905128514.5 milesNN90217658
   — ESE over col to track end 905131514.95 milesNN90947638
14301350 THEN: Ascend track SE to
X Carn a'Chlamain N top
955155015.75 milesNN91387606
   Track SE to col 945 15.85 milesNN91507592
Path SE to M Carn a'Chlamain   (Orange) 963157015.95 milesNN91587581
   Continue 200m due E back to track,
then track SE to bend
825 16.8 milesNN92567501
 1500 Track SW to bend at end of ridge 410 18.85 milesNN90887243
Take path descending directly S to road bridge
(opposite Balaneasie)
270 19.1 milesNN90897203
 1545 W on road to bridge nr Marble Lodge 250157519.6 milesNN90127182
16151550 Road W to Marble Lodge 250 19.8 milesNN89837174
 1610 Road WSW/S/SW to houses   21.08 milesNN88507060
16451620 Road SW to Gilbert's Bridge (Don't cross) 215 21.5 milesNN88147009
17001635 Continue track S on E bank of Tilt to next bridge 190 22.57 milesNN88116851
17301703 Cross bridge and continue road S passed
Old Bridge of Tilt to parking at East Lodge
150160524.2 milesNN87446627

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