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Carn an Fhidhleir & An Scarsoch, map 43; 14th August 2005, 6th June 2009 & 28th March 2019

Route 14/8/05 without Corbett: Cycle: 15.6 miles, Walking: 10.7 miles, Ascent: 1065m = 3500', Time: 7 hrs.
Route 6/6/09 with Corbett: Cycle: 15.6 miles, Walking: ~17.55 miles, Ascent: 1445m = 4750', Time: 10 hrs.

Warning: There are two major fords to be aware of: over the Allt Dhaidh Mor and over the Geldie Burn. After heavy rain they can become impassable very suddenly, the latter becoming over a metre depth of swift flowing water for much of its substantial width. If the Dee is high at the Linn of Dee, the Geldie Burn is unlikely to be fordable as it subsides only slowly after rainfall. Note particularly that the Geldie can rise substantially in the time it takes to do the hill part of the walk. If necessary, a 4 to 5 mile diversion west to the watershed at NN91648735 could solve any problems with the Geldie Burn, with another detour north for crossing the Allt Dhaidh Mor. Either diversion might lead to one becoming benighted. If full streams are liable to be an issue, leave any bike before fording the Allt Dhaidh Mor.
Access: Bike used & very helpful.
Route: There is an optional inclusion of the uninspiring Corbett Beinn Bhreac which adds around 7 miles and 350m to 380m of ascent to the walk, depending on what tops are traversed en route to and from the Corbett. Including this hill saves a day and a laborious cycle in to Bruar Lodge when ticking off Corbetts.
The distances & times quoted assume cycling between Linn of Dee car park and the Geldie Burn ford by Geldie Lodge.
The route is easy walking for the most part on the Munros, but tiresome heather moorland (with grouse & hares) & peat hags for the Corbett. For the descent from An Sgarsoch it is best to aim for, then follow, the green grass beside Allt Coire an t-Seilich down to Geldie Lodge. This avoids most of the peat bogs/hags as well as saving a little bit of distance.
The path is rather poor, even non-existent in places, for the route over Carn an Fhidhleir from the end of the made-up path north of An Sgasoch (as shown on the map) to the bealach with An Sgasoch. With poor visibility or when there is ground snow you should expect to lose the path. Note particularly that the ascent of Carn an Fhidhleir may well involve climbing a cornice to reach the summit ridge, and there are likely to be snow fields on the steep descent to the bealach.
If the Geldie Burn is too full to cross on the outward journey, continue path on N side of the "Burn" to near the watershed. Obviously, reverse the process of heading to the watershed on the return if necessary. It is probably better to leave bike on the N side of the Geldie partly in case the river rises, but also as there is a steep 300' (100m) ascent immediately on the south side, and the constructed path then goes up and down with unfriendly burn crossings.
Recommendation: Use plastic bags tied over your boots or take wind surfing shoes with you to avoid having wet feet all day after crossing the Geldie.
Mobile: No Orange signal at Linn of Dee nor on either Munro but Orange reception on the Corbett.
Weather 14/8/05: Dull and cloudy in AM; brighter & sunny PM. 6/6/09: Tops clear of cloud, but little sunshine & cold E wind.

14/8/056/6/0928/3/19 Description Alt.Asc.Dist.Grid Ref.
092008250540 Park at Linn of Dee. 373   00.0 milesNO06308980
0945 0612 Bike W to White Bridge,
cross R.Dee & take left fork.
410  503.12 milesNO01908847
100009050630 SW to track split by hut & take right fork.
(Do not cross river.)
435  704.6 milesNO00528685
 09340715 Track W to ford of Allt Dhaidh Mor 5151557.13 milesNN96608756
W to Geldie Burn ford. (If it is too full
to cross, continue path on N side of
Geldie to watershed.) Leave bike here.
5051657.8 miles
0.0 miles
104009500750 Track S to Geldie Lodge
5251850.3 milesNN95508673
10551015 Pt on track for going to 1st Munro.
(Left bike here 14/8/05.)
5902551.5 milesNN9395486263
1130 0845 Walk to old end of track.   6202952.5 milesNN92548568
1230 —1040 EITHER: Take goodish path through peat
and heather (heading directly for the top)
SW to M Carn an Fhidhleir
9946954.15 milesNN9046884182
 —1040 — OR: Continue to new end of track by river. (Do
not come this far if heading for Carn an Fhidhleir.)
5852952.4 milesNN9233085833
 —  — W at 650m to path on ridge 6503653.85 milesNN90528580
 —1200 — SW up valley to col at path intersections 8565705.15 milesNN8952684226
 —1225 — WSW dn to bealach at Coire Creagach 741 6.0 milesNN88208365
 —  — SW beside minor top (by-passed) 845675 NN87328303
 —  — SW to col 8166756.85 milesNN87188275
 — SSW to C Beinn Bhreac (boring, Orange) 9127707.35 milesNN8681782059
 —  — NNE back to col 816 7.85 milesNN87188275
 —  — NE beside minor avoidable top 845800 NN87328303
 —1335 — NE to bealach 741 8.75 milesNN88208365
 —1405 — NE to Meall Tionail (avoidable) 8999359.75 milesNN8914784881
 —1418 — SSE to col at path intersection 85694010.35 milesNN8952684226
 —1440 — E to M Carn an Fhidhleir (No Orange)
(Marked by a shelter, not a cairn)
994107511.0 milesNN9046884182
    THEN: SSE to col. 885  NN91008324
    Ridge path by-passing top 906 906 11.8 milesNN91118303
    End of horizontal path before descent 855  NN9147982839
13001512.51115 SE then NE to bealach 710110012.5 milesNN9190683046
NE to M An Sgarsoch (No Orange)
(S top 967 is not a Munro top, so omitted)
1006139513.45 milesNN9333583662
    E to col 945   
14051620 — Optionally ESE to An Sgarsoch, E top 954140014.2 milesNN9456683609
  —  N dn ridge E of Coire an Tobair
until it levels out
700 15.1 milesNN94358487
1500 —1330 EITHER: N to nearest pt on track 590 16.05 milesNN9395486263
1515 —1345 Walk/Cycle E to Geldie Lodge 525 17.25 milesNN95508673
 —1450 — OR: Descend N to Allt Coire an t-Seilich 611  NN9464285413
 —1715 — NE beside burn to Geldie Lodge 525 16.55 milesNN95508673
THEN: N to ford of Geldie Burn 510140017.55 miles
0.0 miles
 17401415 Cycle ENE to ford Allt Dhaidh Mor 51014150.67 milesNN96608756
 17451425 ... Another ford     
154518001440 E to track split at former bridge. 43514203.25 milesNO00528685
155518101455 Track NNE to White Bridge 41014204.7 milesNO01908847
161518351515 Track E to Linn of Dee (No Orange) 37314457.8 milesNO06308980
1655 — — If necessary, cycle on back to Braemar 335152014.3 miles 

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