Colin's Munros


Carn nan Gobhar, Sgurr na Lapaich, An Riabhachan & An Socach
Maps 25, 415 & 414N; 3rd August 2007

Route: 1985m=6500' ascent; 17.4 miles; 11 hrs.

Comments: Alternative routes for these hills are given on the next page and the page after. The route described below is the first of a two day round trip of the ridges to the north and south of Loch Mullardoch. The second day is reported here. However, after reaching An Socach, there is always the option of returning SE to the loch and then along the north shore of the loch back to the dam at the end of the first day, a total of about 20 miles.
The slow times given below for both days reflect the great weight of gear which was soaked through. There was no hurry on this, the first day, as it was only needed to get camped before nightfall.
Access: There is very limited parking at N end of the dam, so use the S end. To do either half of this round of Loch Mullardoch on its own, contact Angus at the Loch Mullardoch Ferryboat service for a motor boat to the far end of the loch.
Equipment: I needed overnight gear for this two day hill bash, poles and plastic bags or surfing shoes for deep river fords & gaiters for long grass.
Route: As a rule, poor wet peaty paths in valleys, good paths along ridges. Long, wet grass with vehicle tracks along N side of L. Mullardoch, gaining height to west. Note that the walkers' path along the N side of the loch leaves the vehicle track about 5 mins after the boathouse at bottom of dip before the track rises away from the loch. Reasonable tracks at west end of L. Mullardoch. Both rivers at the west end can be forded safely close to the loch, but not necessarily with dry feet. So one could head directly south from Meall Shuas to the west end of L. Mullardoch, saving 1 mile compared to the ford marked on the map.
Warning: For those returning along the north shore of L. Mullardoch, there may be issues crossing the Allt Taige when in spate.
Conditions: 16°C at start, 22°C on return; light wind & almost dry in morning. Rain & moderate winds for rest of day and night. Cloud down on An Riabhachan but otherwise all tops clear.

1015 Park at S end of Loch Mullardoch dam 250    00.0 milesNH22313101No Orange
1040 Road NE then W round L.a'Bhana to N end of dam 250  501.25 milesNH21963162 
1110 Follow track W along N shore of loch,
rising up hill, to Allt Mullardoch
3001002.1 milesNH20653199 
Path N up Allt Mullardoch, then N to T Creag Dubh 9457454.2 milesNH19963507Orange
1315 WSW to bealach 850 4.75 milesNH19143468 
WSW to the (S &) N cairns of M Carn nan Gobhar 9928855.4 milesNH18193437Orange
1400 Good path WNW to Bealach na Cloiche Duibhe 796 6.1 milesNH17153472 
Good path WNW to M Sgurr na Lapaich 115012406.8 milesNH16083512Orange
1515 S to col. (Don't take path SW to bealach
unless omitting the Munro top)
1035 7.1 milesNH16123457 
1525 S to T Sgurr nan Clachan Geala NH161342 109513007.35 milesNH16163420Orange
1530 Return N almost to col 1000 7.57 milesNH15973451 
1550 WNW to obvious path on ridge, &
descend path WSW to bealach
825 8.0 milesNH15263445 
1635 Ridge WNW to An R. NE Top (ridge end) 111716009.0 milesNH13913478No Orange
  WSW to col 1105 9.2 milesNH13593470 
SW to M An Riabhachan (main top) 112916259.4 milesNH13353448No Orange
  SW to col 1060 10.1 milesNH12493377 
SW to T An Riabhachan, SW Top 1086163510.3 milesNH12273359No Orange
  NW to col 1005 10.45 milesNH11963363 
1735 NW to T An Riabhachan, W Top 1040167510.67 milesNH11693384No Orange
1755 SW to Bealach Bholla 860 11.15 milesNH11093351 
WSW over bump to M An Socach (trig pt) 1069190511.8 milesNH10063327No Orange
1915 SW to top on level ridge above L. Mhoicean 765191512.95 milesNH08603217 
  SSW/S to Meall Shuas 732193013.6 milesNH08513120 
2005 SSW down grass & path to valley track 280 15.0 milesNH07892938 
2015 Track S to river 255 15.25 milesNH08002898 
2020 Ford river (wet feet) and S to valley track 290194015.33 milesNH08072886 
2105 Path E to ford of Abhainn a'Choilich 255196016.8 milesNH10142847No Orange
2120 Path S to suitable camp on E side of Abhainn a'Choilich 300198517.0 milesNH10292821 

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