Colin's Munros


Beinn Liath Mhor & Sgorr Ruadh
Map 25; 5th November 2008

Route: Ascent 1755m = 5760'; 11¾ miles; 8½hrs.

Glen Lair: Beinn Liath Mhor on right. The path east up Beinn Liath Mhor. The path east up Beinn Liath Mhor. The rocky summit ridge of Beinn Liath Mhor. Sgorr Ruadh from Glen Lair. Scree route up to ridge of Sgorr Ruadh. The NW ridge of Sgorr Ruadh. Maol Chean-dearg from Sgorr Ruadh. Maol Chean-dearg from Sgorr Ruadh. Maol Chean-dearg from Sgorr Ruadh. Maol Chean-dearg and An Ruadh-stac.

Route: As well as the two Munros, this route includes the Corbett Fuar Tholl. An alternative which includes Maol Chean-dearg instead is given on the previous page.
Weather: 8°C at car at start; warm sunshine, dry, no clouds or breeze.
Terrain: Paths on map are all well-engineered, good paths, good terrain.
Mobile: Orange at Achnashellach, on the Munro tops and on the Corbett.

0750 Ample parking at Achnashellach Station
opposite telephone box.
  40   00.0 milesNH00534839
0755 Take track to right at level crossing.
After 100 yds take sharp left
(There's an obscure signpost)
  70  300.3 milesNH00334851
0805 After about ½ mile, sharp left at signpost for Torridon
path. Take path down to, and then along, R. Lair.
  90  500.6 milesNG99834860
0840 Follow path N to two cairns at path splits. 3703401.8 milesNG99065015
0845 Bear right then right at third cairn
towards Drochaid Coire Lair
3753451.9 milesNG99035027
0940 Path NW from Drochaid Coire Lair to cairn in boulderfield     
0950 Path NW up ridge to top (large cairn) 8768502.9 milesNG98315153
1000 WNW to col 800 3.15 milesNG97965165
1015 WNW over bump to top 8879453.45 milesNG97475181
1025 W to col 815 3.7 milesNG97115192
W over bumps to M Beinn Liath Mhor 92610604.1 milesNG96455198
1115 WSW/SSW to lochan 705 4.6 milesNG95925158
1130 Contour on faint path horizontally SW round pt 769
to above bealach lochan, then directly down path
to main valley path by lochan.
65010605.0 milesNG95505120
Ascend path diagonally right (due west)
up grassy slope to ridge
75511655.15 milesNG95335104
Ridge SE to M Sgorr Ruadh 96213755.67 milesNG95935049
  S (no path) down slopes to Bealach Mhoir
(where there are tiresome hillocks & lochans)
675 6.2 milesNG96464984
1310 Cairn on bealach path at its highest pt 69014206.5 milesNG96604938
1320 S to cairn at bottom of scree slopes 70014306.67 milesNG96704912
1340 Path SE steeply up crags to two cairns     
1345 Ridge SE to dip after minor bump 84015857.0 milesNG97034876
1350 Ridge E to Creag Mainnrichean 89516407.1 milesNG97164885
1355 SE to col 855 7.25 milesNG97384875
1405 NE to C Fuar Tholl 90716957.4 milesNG97594893
1410 SW back to col 855 7.6 milesNG97384875
1415 Ridge W to Creag Mainnrichean 89517357.77 milesNG97164885
1430 Ridge W/NW to two cairns after bump  1750  
1445 Descend crags and scree slope to its bottom,
bearing right on scree.
700 8.15 milesNG96804915
1450 Right (NNW) to visible part of stalkers' path
(to right of largest lochan)
660 8.27 milesNG96844934
1530 ENE down initially perfect stalkers path
(a model for modern path builders) to ford at R. Lair
365 9.85 milesNG98955020
1535 Path ENE to cairns at path split 37017559.95 milesNG99065015
1610 Path S to forestry track   90 11.1 milesNG99834860
1620 Track SE to track intersection   80 11.45 milesNH00334851
1625 Right dn track S/E to P at Achnashellach   40175511.75 milesNH00534839

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