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Ben Lui, Beinn a'Chleibh, Ben Oss & Beinn Dubhchraig, Map 364N; 21st Jan 2008

Route: 1750m = 5730'; 15 miles; 8.5hrs

Route: Beinn a'Chleibh is a slightly odd addition to this route, and is easily omitted. A round of Ben Lui, Ben Oss and Beinn Dubhcraig is the most obvious combination. However, as the extra cost is only 150m of ascent and 1.6 miles, its inclusion frees up another day for walking elsewhere than in the forests of Glen Lochy.
Beinn a'Chleibh is indeed most frequently ascended together with Ben Lui from the Glen Lochy side to the north west, as here. If you are just ticking off Munros, this breaks the four mountains here into two easy days, with Ben Oss and Beinn Dubhcraig being ascended together on the other day, from the same starting point on the Cononish side as here.
There are several possibilities for the descent from Beinn Dubhcraig. The usual route follows the Allt Coire Dubhchraig beside the forest NE of the summit, and crosses the Allt Gleann Auchreoch where it flows into the River Cononish. This is the former location of a bridge which, in July 2017, is apparently being rebuilt. Another route, described below, uses a higher bridge at NN33042769. This seems preferable to me as it switches some of the walking to a very pleasant track that is, moreover, easy in the dark. A third descent route is down the north ridge either turning left to the bridge at Cononish, NN30412833, or turning right to the Allt Coire Dubhchraig path.
NB An ice axe (and crampons) are necessary on the north ridge of Ben Lui if there's any snow on the ridge. They are of use especially towards the top where the exposure is great and the angle steep.
Conditions: For the times below, I started and finished in darkness using a torch. Hence slow times because of darkness, snow/ice underfoot, and poor weather. 1°C at start, 2°C on return at car. Deep snow in forestry on way down. 100% cloud cover: cloud base 3700' am, 2800' pm, so first two tops just clear, last two well shrouded. Strong winds & spindrift on summit of Ben Lui, else cold with light winds and dry.
Connectivity: Orange on all four summits, at Dalrigh, and on track beside railway bridge at NN33652850.

0725 Park at Dalrigh by A87 185   00.0 milesNN34362915
0740 Track W through Dalrigh Farm to railway bridge 200200.8 milesNN33252882
0825 Track W through Connonish Farm 2801002.9 milesNN30112847
0830 SW to gate & stile     
0855 Track W to end at Allt an Rund 3502004.5 milesNN28162741
1025 SW into Corrie Gaothach, then NW to Stob Garbh
(Choose either steeper left or easier right gully.)
9558050.0 milesNN27202676
  SSW to Ben Lui NW top 1127980 NN26542640
1055-1100 SSE 150m to M Ben Lui main top 11309855.9 milesNN26622628
  Either: SE to bealach with Ben Oss
omitting Beinn a'Chleibh
685  NN27402455
  Or: Return NNW to NW top 1127  NN26542640
1130 SW to bealach with Beinn a'Chleibh 775  NN25682590
1155 SW to M Beinn a'Chleibh 91611257.0 milesNN25042561
1210 Return NE to bealach 775  NN25682590
1300 Contour SE at 800m to SE ridge of Ben Lui
then SE to bealach
68511458.9 milesNN27402455
1425 Then: E/NE to M Ben Oss 1029149010.1 milesNN28752536
1440 NNE/NE to Ben Oss, NE top (not a Munro top) 9411525 NN29112585
1500 E to Bealach Buidhe 775   NN29832593
  E to Lochans on ridge 9001650  NN30282585
~1545 SE to M Beinn Dubhchraig (passed 967 top) 978173011.7 milesNN30762549
1635 NE down ridge to forest edge 600m 600  NN31902650
  NE to Sheep fold (via Allt Coire Dubhchraig?) 280 13.5 milesNN32822738
1755 NE to footbridge over Allt Gleann Auchreoch 245   NN33032769
1810 N on track & cross railway bridge 200 14.5 milesNN33652850
1820 ENE to cross bridge over R.Fillan 175   NN34522881
1825 NW to P at Dalrigh 185174015.3 milesNN34362915

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