Colin's Munros


Sgurr Fhuar-thuill, Sgurr a'Choire Ghlais, Carn nan Gobhar, Sgurr na Ruaidhe
(The Glen Strathfarrar Munros)
Map 25; 25th September 2004 & 2nd August 2007

Route: 1610m = 5300' ascent; 15.4 miles; 7 hrs.

Access: Take the A831 to Struy Bridge, and then drive some 500m along the Glen Strathfarrar road to the locked gate at Inchmore. The road along the glen is metalled but private. However, it is opened to the public at restricted hours. (See my notes on An Socach & An Riabhachan for opening times.) Call at gatehouse for a permit (free), drive a further 8.1 miles up the glen (about 15 mins driving), and turn up the track on the right at NH283386 just beyond the west end of Loch Beannacharan, 1km after the power station. Park almost immediately off the left side of the track.
Terrain: Very comfortable & fast terrain throughout, much on fragile moss, except for large boulders on W ridge of Sgurr a'Choire Ghlais, making a W to E traversal preferable.
Route: The route is identical to that given by except for the very minor addition of the Munro top Sgurr na Fearstaig.
Weather 25/9/04: Occasional light showers. 2/8/07: Continuous rain till 1215, out of cloud at 1330, showers 1500-1630, wind rising to moderate, 16°C at start, 18°C at finish, rivers full.

25/9/042/8/07 Description Ht. Asc. Distance Grid Ref.
0930  Park in Strathfarrar at track end on right 145     0   NH28373861
10400955 W along road to track on right just after bridge 200   55 4.4 miles NH22393918
 1050 Track NE then path N to ford below lochan 540 435 6.1 miles NH23344160
11351100 Path N to E of Loch Toll a'Mhuic 550 445 6.45 miles NH23204215
12251210 Path N to corrie then excellent graded path round
and up corrie to T Sgurr na Fearstaig
1015 910 7.6 miles NH22834373
   E to col 985   7.8 miles NH23124367
E to M Sgurr Fhuar-thuill 1049 972 8.1 miles NH23574376
 1235 SE to col 945   8.4 miles NH23954349
12501245 E to T Creag Ghorm a'Bhealaich (Turn S here
for 50m before bearing E again to continue ridge.)
1030 1057 8.7 miles NH24454351
13001255 S then E to col 900   9.1 miles NH24944336
E/SE to M Sgurr a'Choire Ghlais trig pt.
(The NW ridge has 300m of steep large stones,
so easier for ascent than descent)
1083 1240 9.7 miles NH25884301
13501400 NE/E to col 850   10.2 miles NH26584325
E/NE to M Carn nan Gobhar (a rocky plateau) 992 1382 11.0 miles NH27314388
14301455 E then S to bealach. (The pass is further SW
than the deceptive terrain suggests,
so continue down ridge over last hillock.)
770   11.75 miles NH28014306
SE to M Sgurr na Ruaidhe 993 1610 12.35 miles NH28924262
15401615 Descend SW ridge by wet peaty path to
river confluence near path end
320   14.2 miles NH27524009
 1645 Typical poor boggy valley path S to hydro scheme dam 250   14.8 miles NH27903927
16201655 Hydro track S back to valley road 145   15.4 miles NH28373861

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