Colin's Munros


Sgurr Choinnich, Sgurr a'Chaorachain & Maoile Lunndaidh
Map 25, 25th July 2005 & 3rd September 2009

Route: 1825m = 6000', 18.2 (or 19.1) miles (9.3 on good track), 9–10 hrs

View S towards Sgurr a'Chaorachainn and Sgurr Choinnich Looking from Sgurr a'Chaorachain to Sgurr Choinnich. Looking south from Sgurr a'Chaorachain to Bealach Drochaid Mhuillich.

Access: Parking is in trees 25 yds up the track opposite the level crossing at Craig. Cycling, though possible, was omitted because the uphill part is too strenuous for me. No effort seems to be saved by a bike, only time, but it is great for returning at the end of the day.
Route: Apart from being a long day, the only difficulty is in crossing the Allt a' Chonais by the wire bridge at Pollan Buidhe. In June 2021, the wires were in a reasonable condition, but too close height-wise in the middle to make an easy crossing above the water. The upper wire gives good hand support for boulder hopping, enabling dry feet when the water is low and improved safety when the river level has risen. However, it would be unwise to attempt crossing this river after significant heavy rain.

There is a very pleasant alternative ascent for Maoile Lunndaidh starting from the Monar dam in Glen Strathfarrar and using the excellent stalkers’ paths on the SE side of the mountain and along Loch Monar. The Corbett An Sithean can be included in such a walk by anyone who is moving at a reasonable speed. However, the restricted vehicular access means that it would be impossible to include the Munros Sgurr a' Chaorachain and Sgurr Choinnich in such a one day expedition from Glen Strathfarrar.
Weather 25/7/05: Dull, cool (13°C), light to moderate breeze, cloudy, cloud base 1050m, odd spots of rain.
Weather 3/9/09: Continuous moderate rain, 11°C. Cloud base 975m.

25/7/053/9/09 Description Ht.Asc.Distance Grid Ref.Mob.
08300620 Park at P on A890 at Craig   90    00.0 milesNH0398749285Orange
   Cross A890 to level crossing   75 0.1 milesNH0402449205 
08400630 Track E to bridge over R. Carron   70    50.6 milesNH04794930 
   E to track split 150  901.2 milesNH05624903 
   E to track split 1651051.3 milesNH05794907 
09050658 Track ESE to gate in deer fence at forest boundary. 2551951.9 milesNH06684873 
09100700 ESE to highest pt on track 2852252.05 milesNH06914867 
   ESE/S to lowest pt on track 260 2.85 milesNH07324766 
09300725 S to track by first wire bridge 2652303.2 milesNH0722247096 
09350730 Track S to Pollan Buidhe at path end 2702503.4 milesNH0740846833 
09400740 Path S to wire bridge over Allt a'Chonais 2852653.6 milesNH0764646597 
0950 — Either (shorter): After ½ mile, leave path where
Allt Leathad an Tobair is reached.
3803554.0 milesNH07604608 
0955 — Cross Allt Leathad an Tobair 370 4.05 milesNH07624601 
1100 — Due S up corrie to Bealach Coire Choinnich
(This is steep and slippery – not for walkers,
who should go via Bealach Bhearnais.)
8658455.0 milesNH08184459 
1125 — WSW/NW to M Sgurr Choinnich 9999755.4 milesNH07624460 
 —0830 Or: Path SW to split at Bealach Bhearnais
(Left branch goes to Bealach Crudain 640
5955755.3 milesNH0603944927 
 —0845 Head SE to start of ridge 6456255.45 milesNH0621844822 
Ridge E to M Sgurr Choinnich 9999756.3 milesNH07624460No Orange
11350955 Then: SE then ENE to bealach 865 (5.8 miles)
6.7 miles
11551020 ENE to M Sgurr a'Chaorachain
(Only half a trig post left in circular shelter.)
105311707.1 miles NH0875144734No Orange
   ESE to col 1015 7.35 milesNH09174456 
   ESE to E top 103511907.6 milesNH09534455 
 1045 ESE to col 965 7.85 milesNH0984744470 
12251055 SE/E to T Bidean an Eoin Deirg 104612758.15 milesNH10364430 
1240 — Either: Return W & WNW to col. (A path then
descends NE for a few hundred yards below col.)
965 8.4 milesNH0984744470 
 —1105 Or: W/WNW back to gully head before col.
(Then descend gully by Abhainn Srath Mhuilich.)
  8.35 milesNH1001044437 
1310  NE to reed lake at Drochaid Mhuilich 605 9.1 milesNH10644513 
N end of Bealach Drochaid Mhuilich below path up. 605 9.2 milesNH10734537 
   NNE up ridge to first bend 70013759.4 milesNH10874557 
   ENE up ridge to summit plateau 86015359.65 milesNH11214564 
13501230 ESE to minor bump 87515509.75 milesNH11454551 
14101250 E to T Carn nam Fiaclan 996167510.35 milesNH1236745502Orange
   E to shallow col 975 10.6 milesNH12724536 
14251305 E to M Creag Toll a'Choin (new summit location) 1005.3170010.8 milesNH1307945344 
   NE to col 995 10.9 milesNH13184545 
1315 NE to Maoile Lunndaidh (old summit – boring!) 1004.9171011.25 milesNH1351845865Orange
   Descend N ridge almost to col with Creag Dhubh Mhor 770 11.9 milesNH13014680 
15151400 W to Allt Fuar-tholl Mor at waterfall
(or cross burn above waterfall)
430 12.45 milesNH12074709 
1530  Follow path on NE bank of this stream
as far as possible until path disappears.
Head direct for forestry SW of Glenuaig Lodge
to cross An Crom-allt (no sign of path)
350 13.0 milesNH11414703 
1600  Track SW of Glenuaig Lodge at forestry 315 13.7 milesNH10244714 
   Track W to highest pt at watershed 340174514.2 milesNH09644683 
16301545 Track W to Pollan Buidhe, at path to wire bridge
(or take by-pass path to right)
270175515.6 milesNH0740846833 
1635  N to wire bridge 265 15.8 milesNH0722247096 
   N to lowest pt on track 260 16.2 milesNH07324766 
1655  N/NW to highest pt on track 285179017.0 milesNH06914867 
17001615 Track NW to gate in deer fence at forest boundary. 255 17.1 milesNH06684873 
1710  NW to track split 160 17.75 milesNH05794907 
17251640 W/NW to bridge over R. Carron   70 18.45 milesNH04794930 
17351650 W along track back to P at Craig   90182519.05 milesNH04044924Orange

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