Colin's Munros


N Glen Shiel ridge – Sgurr a'Bhealaich Dheirg etc., Map 414S
30th April 2005 & 24th September 2008

Route: 10.1 miles, 7hrs 40mins walking; 4.8 miles cycling; 1810m = 5940' total ascent.
(300m = 1000' more ascent with the Corbett Am Bathach)

Loch Cluanie and the descent ridge from Sgurr an Fhuarail. The South Glen Shiel Ridge from Sgurr a'Bhealaich Dheirg. The South Glen Shiel Ridge from Sgurr a'Bhealaich Dheirg. Aonach Meadhoin with Sgurr an Fhuarail behind. The path up the W ridge of Aonach Meadhoin. Two walkers on the summit of Aonach Meadhoin from Sgurr an Fhuarail. Sgurr an Fhuarail and Aonach Meadhoin. Aonach Meadhoin and Sgurr a'Bhealaich Dheirg. The Five Sisters of Kintail. The Five Sisters of Kintail from Ciste Dhubh. Beinn Fhada from Ciste Dhubh. Sgurr nan Ceathreamhnan from Ciste Dhubh. Ciste Dhubh. The ridge of Am Bathach. Descent route from Ciste Dhubh. Wet peat hacks on Bealach Choinich.

Access: If necessary, use bike, a second car or a local bus on A87 between end points of walk. Alternatively, combine this with the South Cluanie Ridge on successive days and camp by, or stay at, the Cluanie Inn in between.
Route: There is a Corbett, Am Bathach, which can be included at the end of the walk. Ascending it avoids the rather wet, peaty valley path, and so is normally the better choice.
Weather 30/4/05: Warm, dry, clear views, cloud base above 4000'. Sunny intervals.
Weather 23/9/08: Overcast day, cloud base 3000 touching tops.

30/4/0424/9/08 Description Ht.Asc.Distance Grid Ref.Mob.
09250800 Park at or near Cluanie Inn
or P on A87 by forestry E of Cluanie Inn
220   00.0 milesNH07611175Orange
Bike W along A87 to P at corner of forestry
1 mile E of Eas-nan-Arm bridge over R.Shiel
170(60)4.8 miles
0.0 miles
NH00891354No Orange
 0900 Zigzag path N beside forest edge to top forest.
(Clear but average/poor quality wet peaty
path up from double bend signs)
3501750.25 milesNH00931393 
Zigzag path N up to Bealach an Lapain
(Good path on upper sections.)
7255500.65 milesNH00991454No Orange
E to M Saileag 9567801.2 milesNH01781481No Orange
 1030 400m SE to col 872 1.4 milesNH02081464 
   150m ESE to by-passing minor top 8898001.45 milesNH02181459 
 1035 125m ESE to col 855 1.55 milesNH02281453 
 1044 250m ESE to minor top 9118451.65 milesNH02461452 
11401045 100m E to col beside big slab 880 1.7 milesNH02571449 
11551100 500m E to cairn at NW end of
summit ridge of Sgurr a'Bhealaich Dheirg
10149802.0 milesNH03041452 
   SE to col 1005 2.1 milesNH03141444 
 1110 400m SE to cairn at S corner of summit
ridge of Sgurr a'Bhealaich Dheirg
103010052.2 milesNH03311430 
   N.B. Leave main ridge for summit: NE to col 1025 2.27 milesNH03391427 
12101115 250m NE to M Sgurr a'Bhealaich Dheirg 103610202.35 milesNH03501435No Orange
12401130 Return SW to main ridge, turning left
at end of wall, then SE/E to bealach
827 2.85 milesNH03971390 
13001200 ESE/ENE to M Aonach Meadhoin 100112053.45 milesNH04891378No Orange
1315  ENE to col 916 3.65 milesNH05171388 
ENE to T Sgurr an Fhuarail 98712753.85 milesNH05441399No Orange
N to W edge of Bealach a' Choinich. 591 4.5 milesNH05861502 
   Head N up SW corner of ridge end (no
path). Join path from Cluanie Inn, then
N along path, by-passing An Cnapach
(877)15605.1 milesNH06251590 
 1330 N to col north of An Cnapach 850 5.2 milesNH06221603 
1500  N to top 92916405.4 milesNH06211638 
15051345 N to col 915 5.5 milesNH06161650 
N to M Ciste Dhubh 97917105.6 milesNH06221663No Orange
 1400 Return S to col 915 5.7 milesNH06161650 
   S to minor top 92917255.8 milesNH06211638 
 1410 S to col N of An Cnapach 850 6.0 milesNH06221603 
 —  Detour to An Cnapach 87717556.05 milesNH06251590 
16101430 Path S to SE side of Bealach a' Choinich.
(Path descends centre of ridge end into
peat bog; go to the right – see photo above.)
591 6.75 milesNH06301484 
 —1435 Either: SE to col 565 6.8 milesNH06331474 
 —1510-15 Path SE to C Am Bathach 79820007.5 milesNH07321435No Orange
 —  SE to col 705 7.7 milesNH07491406 
 —  SE to top 73420308.0 milesNH07731367 
 —1545 Path SSE to Orange signal abt 600m 6002050  Orange
 —1605 Path SSE to top corner of ex-forest 400 8.85 milesNH08521255 
 —1615 Path SE along forest edge to gate at A87 225 9.25 milesNH08931213 
 —1620 W on A87 to parking beside forest 22520509.4 milesNH08701209Orange
1725  Or: Path SSE on E side of Allt a'Chaorainn
Bhig to road (This path is probably better
than that on the W side, but longer. That to
the west starts as the track opp Cluanie Inn.)
225 9.1 milesNH08331187 
1735  Along A87 to Cluanie Inn 22017559.6 milesNH07611175 
   Then: Drive down A87 to collect bike. 170    

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