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Beinn a'Chleibh, Map 364N; 6th June 2004

Route: 3.6 miles; 735m=2400' ascent; 3hrs 30mins.

Route: This route below starts from the A85 north-west of Tyndrum, 1 mile WSW of Ben Lui. I do not really recommend it unless you are ticking off Munros and have no time to combine it with Ben Lui. I was in a hurry and so picked the most direct route. The usual route with Ben Lui is described in It starts at the same point and shares some of the disadvantages. I much prefer doing Beinn a'Chleibh in combination with Ben Lui, Ben Oss and Beinn Dubhcraig as here, using an easy traverse from the col between it and Ben Lui to the col between Ben Lui and Ben Oss.
For the walk below there is no suitable bridge over the River Lochy, and the ford is too deep to retain dry feet except maybe in very dry weather. The bridge lower down is for the railway only and opens into thick forest. After the river crossing you need to stoop to go under the railway bridge. The path in the forest visible on the map is not always easy to find, and there's a double deer fence to climb at upper forest edge if you miss any gate or stile. It's also rather wet and boggy. On the return I lost the path and needed a compass in the very dense forest. However, much of the difficult forestry has recently been felled although the remaining stumps and branches may be equally tedious to cross. The ascent above the forestry is steep with crags that can't be seen from above on the descent. Taking the usual route up Fionn Choirein to the bealach between Ben Lui & Beinn a'Chleibh is probably a bit wiser, although slightly longer.

1000 Park at P on A85, 6.6 miles W of Tyndrum, at NN238278 190   00 miles
  Cross ford of R. Lochy to path NN239276. 185  
1100 SE to upper edge of forestry 425240 
1200 SE up crags to M Beinn a'Chleibh NN250256
(First cairn with fence post is not the top.)
9167301.8 miles
1255 Return NW to upper edge of forestry 425  
1330 Down through forestry, ford river & back to car park 1907353.6 miles

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