Colin's Munros


Ben Nevis Range, map 392; 5th June 2004, 11th May 2009 & 8th June 2015

Route: 15½ miles, 2685m=8800' ascent; 14-15 hrs.

Route: This route includes all the Munro tops in the range, so there are three detours, one substantial, which are unnecessary for those only doing Munros. It naturally breaks into two walks at the lowest intermediate point, namely the bealach between Carn Mor Dearg and Aonach Mor. The ridges Ben Nevis to the bealach after Carn Mor Dearg are stoney and so slow to traverse.
NB It is difficult to get bearings for the descent from Ben Nevis to the start of the Carn Mor Dearg arête when the cloud is down, there is fresh snow on the ground and it is too early for there to be any footprints. This will often be the case for early starters on Scotland's highest mountain which has snow cover for over half the year. However, there are useful poles to mark the correct line of descent. The Carn Mor Dearg arête itself is not difficult, although narrow and exposed.
Note also the possibility of avalanches on the steep, exposed descent from Aonach Mor to Stob an Chul-Choire.
Even in summer, crampons, an ice axe, a map and a compass are essential if there is any snow at all on the summit and you stray from the tourist path.
Weather 5/6/04: Cloud base 2000', patchy rain, much compass work involved.
Weather 11/5/09: Sunny day, cool E wind, no cloud, ground snow above 3000'.
Weather 8/6/15: A mostly sunny day, but cool, with stiff cold breeze and some snow showers. In cloud until on Carn Mor Dearg arÍte, and also later on Aonach Beag. Ground snow above 3000'. As usual, compass and crampons were used frquently.

5/6/0411/5/098/6/15 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Mob.
035005250400 Park at "P" in Glen Nevis at end of road, NN168692 140   00.0 milesNo Orange
 06100455 Ascend path on E bank of Allt Coire Eoghainn
from behind car park to lip of Coire Eoghainn
053507100600 Cross corrie burn where it splits into many parts,
then W up ESE ridge to T Carn Dearg
10208801.35 milesOrange
 07550625 NNW for 400yds to col by small lochan at 985m,
NNE for 800yds until slope levels out,
then contour due N to tourist path.
122011252.1 miles 
0635 0700 Descend gently N to col (Nr 4 gully – flag) 118510802.4 miles 
06400810  N to T Carn Dearg 122111602.55 milesOrange
0645 0715 NW/N/NE to Carn Dearg (N top) 121111252.75 miles 
06500815  SW/S/SE back to T Carn Dearg 122111352.9 milesOrange
065508200725 SSW back to col NN158717 1185 3.05 miles 
0800 S/SE to tourist path, then E to M Ben Nevis trig pt 134413353.7 milesOrange
0800 0835 Descend SE/E to start of arête. (See warning above) 1140   
082509350905 NE to lowest point on Carn Mor Dearg arête 1058 4.37 miles 
0955 NE/N/NNE to M Carn Mor Dearg 122015004.93 milesOrange
    Continue N to next col 1155   
093010301010 NNE to T Carn Dearg Meadhonach 117915255.25 milesOrange
    Return SSW to col 1155   
1025 S back to M Carn Mor Dearg 122015905.6 milesOrange
104011451135 Descend E to bealach NN187723 Only half way!
Return S from here if you've had enough!
830 6.2 miles 
  1215 Ascend E steeply to ridge where ground levels out 113018906.5 milesWk Orange
N to M Aonach Mor 122119807.0 milesWk Orange
121013401330 Descend steeply E to col. There is often
a steep snow field here, subject to avalanche
997 7.3 miles 
1225 —1345 Either: E to T Stob an Chul-Choire 106820507.6 milesNo Orange
1245 —  Continue NE along ridge to Stob Coire an Fhir Dhuibh 985 8.1 miles 
  —  N to col 880 8.5 miles 
1305 —1420
N to T Tom na Sroine 91820908.7 milesOrange
  —  Return S to col 880 8.85 miles 
  —1515 Take direct line back to col avoiding the tops (no path) 99722109.8 miles 
 —  — Or: NE/N around corrie to col 88019908.25 miles 
 —1425 — N to T Tom na Sroine 91820208.4 milesOrange
 —  — S to col 880 8.55 miles 
 —  — S to Stob Coire an Fhir Dhuibh 98521258.95 miles 
 —1515 — SW to T Stob a Chul-Choire 106822109.45 milesNo Orange
 — W to col 99722109.8 miles 
141516301545 Then: W back up snowy ridge to M Aonach Mor 1221243010.15 milesWk Orange
1435 1610 S to bealach NN194718 1080 10.9 miles 
SE to M Aonach Beag 1234258511.15 milesOrange
    SSE to col 1080 11.6 miles 
15201740  E to T Stob Coire Bhealaich NN202709 (Ht 1090
on OS map.) This top is at the end of a spur, & so
appears similar to the next top.
The W top is higher, the E top has the cairn.
(Lost time finding this top in mist the first time.)
1101260511.7 milesOrange
15551745  E to end of ridge (or path cutting corner) 1048 12.0 miles 
 1800  S down path on cliff edge to col 895 12.3 miles 
162518071740 SSW to T Sgurr a Bhuic 963267512.4 milesOrange
    W along spur to dip before brown knoll at 800m,
descend right towards river, to join valley path
high (about 100-200m) above Allt Coire nan Laogh.
750 12.9 miles 
173519101840 SW down valley path to Steall NN187688 230 13.95 miles 
181019401920 Path W/NW/SW beside Water of Nevis to car park 140268515.55 milesNo Orange

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