Colin's Munros


East Mamores from Glen Nevis: Binnein Mor etc.
Map 392; 19th March 2005, 13th May 2009 & 11th June 2015

Route: 13½ miles, 2235m=7335' ascent, 10¾–11¾ hrs.

Cable Bridge over Water of Nevis near An Steall. An Steall waterfall in Glen Nevis. An Gearanach from the NW ridge of Na Gruagaichean. Binnein Mor from the NW ridge of Na Gruagaichean. Ben Nevis from the NW ridge of Na Gruagaichean. Ben Nevis from the summit of Na Gruagaichean. Binnein Mor from the summit of Na Gruagaichean The ridge over to the summit of Binnein Mor from its S top. Ben Nevis from near the summit of Sgurr Eilde Mor Binnein Beag (right) and NE ridge of Binnein Mor (left) Ben Nevis and Aonach Beag Ben Nevis from high on the NW slopes of Binnein Beag Aonach Beag and Sgurr a'Bhuic

Route: This is a long walk – shorter/less is preferable – but it forms one half of a convenient way of completing all the Mamores in just two walks. The western Mamores are described here. There are good paths throughout except from the wire bridge via Steall waterfall to base of hill, & from Binein Beag down to Glen Nevis.
Weather 19/03/05: Perfect weather: initial cloud base 3000', but only 500' thick, so above cloud 10:00-11:35. All cloud cleared suddenly at 13:45.
Weather 13/05/09: Sunny day, no cloud, ground snow almost gone, stiff bitter E wind.
Weather 11/06/15: A dry sunny day with stiff cool breeze on ridge & thin very high cloud. Warm after descending from Binnean Beag; 5°C at start, 20°C at end.

19/3/0513/5/0911/6/15 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Mob.
063007050500 Car Park at E end of Glen Nevis NN168692 140   00.0 milesNo Orange
070007300530 Path E/SE by Water of Nevis to "footbridge".
Cross 3-cable wire "bridge"
210951.05 miles 
071507400540 Cross river under An Steall waterfall
(Reasonable dry boulder hopping if no recent rain.)
2151001.25 miles 
080508400640 Path S up Coire Chadha Chaoruinn to cairn on NW
ridge NN185676. (The path has been "improved"
by the dumping of overly coarse rocks making it
more like ascending a very poor scree slope.)
N.B. The path no longer swings over
to the NE ridge and back.
6255102.1 miles 
0730 S to M An Gearanach 9828652.6 milesOrange
    S to col 950   
090009400750 S to T An Garbhanach 9758902.9 milesOrange
091509550805 SSW to bealach 857   
0820 SSW to M Stob Coire a'Chairn 98110153.2 milesOrange
095010300840 ESE/E/SE to col 783   
 11100915 ESE to T Na Gruagaichean NW top 104112754.3 milesOrange
    SE to col 990   
103511250930 S to M Na Gruagaichean 105613404.5 milesOrange
 11350940 E then ENE to col 955   
110511500955 NE to T Binnein Mor S top 106214455.1 milesOrange
    N to col 1035   
N/NNE to M Binnein Mor 113015455.5 milesOrange
    Return S to col 1035   
115512201030 S to T Binnein Mor S top 106215805.95 milesOrange
1205 1040 ESE to col, with cairn at path down 925   
E to T Sgor Eilde Beag 95616156.55 milesOrange
12251250 — Either Retrace 400yds W to cairn at col. (If
cornice, continue 15m more before descending)
 — Descend path on N face to path join at
NW edge of loch in Coire an Lochan
740 6.9 miles 
 — —1120 Or If no cornice, descend ridge path NNE to
path join at NW edge of loch in Coire an Lochan
740 6.9 miles 
13151350  Then Path ENE under NW ridge, then ESE up
path just behind ridge to ridge just W of summit
E to M Sgurr Eilde Mor 101018907.4 milesOrange
140014201230 Retrace route W/WNW/WSW to path junctions
at N end of lochan in Coire an Lochan NN222656
740 7.9 miles 
140514251240 Descend NNW by direct path to burn 625   
1313 Continue path N to lochan SW of B.Beag 72519908.9 miles 
Ridge path NE/N to M Binein Beag 94322009.4 milesNo Orange
153015501400 Descend scree path NW directly towards
confluence near Na h-Easain waterfall.
Cross path on map at 750m NN217677
162016201440 Head NW for zig-zag in river and cross Water
of Nevis at 330m contour NN214688
(Easy dry boulder hopping in dry weather.)
NW to path in Glen Nevis 330 10.8 miles 
 1645  Path level with tributary joining Water of Nevis     
1550 W to bridge by Steall 230 11.8 miles 
1745 1605 Path W to opposite 3-cable wire "bridge" 215222512.45 miles 
181517451630 Footpath NW/SW above river back to car park. 140223513.45 milesNo Orange

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