Colin's Munros


Sgurr a'Mhaoraich, Maps 33 & 414S
2nd May 2004, PM, 9th March 2010, AM, & 8th May 2017, PM.

Route 1: 4⅓ miles; 845m=2750' ascent; 3½ hrs
Route 2: 6½ miles; 950m=3120' ascent; 4¼ hrs

Time: This is a short enough walk for Gleouraich and Spidean Mialach or Gairich to be tackled the same day, although the total ascent is then over 6000'. However, with such a long drive from Invergarry, it makes sense to try this.
Access: From Invergarry, take A87 west for 5.1 miles, then turn left onto C-road beside Loch Garry, leading to Loch Quoich. Drive 11.6 miles to the dam, another 4¼ miles to the long bridge over the northern arm of the loch, and then another 1.0 or 3¼ miles as appropriate to the start of the chosen route.
NB: The only road to the start of the walk was blocked by a landslip in November 2018 (see the Mountaineering Scotland website). It appears to have been re-opened in April 2019 (see the comments on the AGU and CoastalWalker websites).
Route 2/5/04: This route choice is to minimise the effort for those doing Gleouraich or Gairich on the same day. With more time one should include Sgurr Coire nan Eiricheallach as in the second route below.
Weather 2/5/04: Cold, wet & windy.
Mobile: No Orange signal on Sgurr a'Mhaoraich Beag.

14201320 Park where convenient after first lochan at path end 220   00 milesNG97590373
   Follow stalkers' path N beside Allt Coire nan Cnamh to
stream confluence where path turns west.
5203101.0 milesNG97700531
16001500 North over easy terrain to
T Sgurr a'Mhaoraich Beag (W top)
9487301.9 milesNG97740673
   E to col 915 2.0 milesNG97900676
16201520 E/SE to M Sgurr a'Mhaoraich (main top)
10278452.5 milesNG98390659
 1605 Path down S ridge, then diagonally to
stalkers' path at stream confluence
520 3.35 milesNG97700531
17401635 Path down S ridge back to car between lochans 220 4.35 milesNG97590373

Route 9/3/10: This route is slightly longer than that above. It includes Sgurr Coire nan Eiricheallach. Anti-clockwise, as here, is the better direction in winter conditions because of one or two steep ascent sections. One could continue on a round to include the Corbett top Am-Bathaich (892m) to the north. For those including the western Munro top there is a rather unnatural traverse over to the south ridge of Sgurr a'Mhaoraich. A sensible alternative is going back to the Munro summit (110m of re-ascent) and then heading down its south ridge.
Weather 9/3/10: Slowish snow on main ridge. Sunny & dry.

0845 Park at sheep folds by first forestry,
0.9 miles from bridge end
210   00.0 milesNH00410332
  NNE to join path up ridge 4001900.5milesNH00670406
  Path N/NW to Sgurr Coire nan Eiricheallach 8916802.0 milesNG99930611
  NW down ridge to col 823 2.3 milesNG99500639
W to M Sgurr a'Mhaoraich (main top) 10279203.1 milesNG98390659
  NNW/NW/W to col 915 3.45 milesNG97900676
1135 W to T Sgurr a'Mhaoraich Beag (W top) 9489503.55 milesNG97740673
  Contour SSE over to SE ridge at 700m 700 4.55 milesNG98510535
  Descend E to valley path, then over to NE corner forestry 345 5.65 milesNG99890458
1300 SSE initially by fence back to sheep fold 210 6.5 milesNH00450329

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