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The Arrochar Alps: (The Cobbler,) Beinn Ime & Beinn Narnain
Map 364S; 9th July 2005 & 7th September 2007

Route with Cobbler: 1635m = 5400' ascent, 9⅔ miles, 6½ hrs.
Route without Cobbler: 1320m = 4335' ascent, 9 miles, 5 hrs.

The characteristic shape of The Cobbler. The summit block of The Cobbler.

Route: It is well worth extending the route over these two Munros to include The Cobbler. This makes for a full but not overly long day, and adds interest if you like a spot of scrambling. The cost is around one extra mile and 1000ft (315m) of ascent. Both the south peak and summit block of The Cobbler require exposed scrambling, and there have been fatalities there as a result. They are much easier in dry conditions when there is no ice or snow.
There are several routes up both The Cobbler and Beinn Narnain. I usually ascend The Cobbler by going up to a little beyond the very distinctive Narnain Boulders, cutting left to the SE ridge at the point where scrambling starts for the south peak, and then traversing the South Peak before crossing to the summit block.
The easiest path up the Cobbler is via the bealach and north ridge, and that up the corrie from the Narnain Boulders to the col between the North Peak and the summit block is a straight-forward alternative for some variety. Going the full length of the SE ridge from the weir is also possible.
Similarly, the easiest route up Beinn Narnain is via the bealach between the three hills and then up the NW ridge. I usually include a route between the Narnain Boulders and the SE ridge for either ascent or descent, but traversing all of the SE ridge is possible by using the straight line path up from the parking at Succoth.
Less picturesque, but with a bit less ascent, is to start in Glen Croe at NN24260598 where there is a little parking. This gives the fastest access to Bealach a' Mhaim.
NB As of summer 2018, there is now a hefty £9 parking charge at Succoth. I now park elsewhere.
Weather 9/7/05: Very warm & humid, cloud at 800m, rising to 900m, essentially no rain.

0830 Park at P on A83 at Head of L.Long    0   00.0 milesNN29480488
0910 Track to Dam 3503501.6 milesNN28000509
  Either continue path NW to Narnain Boulders
or go direct west to SE ridge
2.2 miles
2.0 miles
1010 Base of Cobbler S top 750 2.85 milesNN26280555
1025 The Cobbler, S top (Scrambling)
Take care on the descent from here!
8588603.05 milesNN26020571
1045 C The Cobbler, summit 8849203.15 milesNN25930584
1100 The Cobbler, N peak ~865 3.3 milesNN26150605
1130 N to Bealach a' Mhaim, at boundary fence 637 4.05 milesNN26150708
1220 N to M Beinn Ime NN255084
(no trig pt, only pile of stones in shape of trig post)
101113455.05 milesNN25510847
1300 Return SE/S/SE to Bealach a' Mhaim (at stile) 637 6.05 milesNN26150708
1335 ESE to M Beinn Narnain, trig pt 92616356.7 milesNN27170664
S down corrie to Narnain Boulders (climbed one)
(An alternative descent is via the SE ridge.)
475 7.45 milesNN27270568
1435 Path SE to Dam 350 8.05 milesNN28000509
1505 Track to P on A83 at head of L.Long    016359.67 milesNN29480488

Route 7/8/07: The recently engineered track from the road to the dam is tedious & bland: well graded for cyclists, not pedestrians, and twice as long as a direct path. Take all the short-cuts possible. I'm unclear about whether either of the two old paths directly up the hill still exists; they are still on the map, but may be too overgrown in the summer. They would be preferable for a keen walker. From the dam up to Bealach a'Chlaidheimh the engineered path is excellent and very fast, but there is only a poor, sodden, peaty path N from there to the summit of Ben Ime.
Conditions 7/8/07: 17°C at lochside; continuous persistent light rain & wind; cloud to below bealachs (at around 500m).

1005 P on A83 at Head of L.Long    0   00.0 miles NN29480488Orange
1015 Slow engineered path up to radio mast   95  950.6 milesNN28900467 
1045 Engineered path to Dam 3503501.6 milesNN28000509 
1100 Fast engineered path to Narnain Boulders 4804802.2 milesNN27270568 
1140 N up corrie to col on ridge (No path) 7857852.7 milesNN27500648 
Path NW to M Beinn Narnain, trig pt. (There
are several substantial cairns on either side.)
9269252.95 milesNN27170664Orange
1225 N to Bealach a' Mhaim, stile at boundary fence 637 3.65 milesNN26150708 
Boggy path N to M Beinn Ime
(remains of broken trig post)
101113004.65 milesNN25510847Orange
1350 Return SE/S/SE to Bealach a'Mhaim (at stile) 637 5.55 milesNN26150708 
1400 Rough path contouring round to Bealach
a'Chlaidheimh (This eventually rises to
meet the fully engineered Cobbler path.)
628 5.9 milesNN26130660 
1410 Fast, fully engineered path SE
to path split for Cobbler corrie
530 6.65 milesNN26860589 
Path SE to Narnain Boulders 430 6.85 milesNN27270568 
1430 Fast, fully engineered path SE to Dam 350 7.45 milesNN28000509 
1450 Engineered path to radio mast   95 8.4 milesNN28900467 
1500 Path to P on A83 at head of L.Long    013009.0 milesNN29480488Orange

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