Colin's Munros


Beinn Bhuidhe, Map 364N
11th May 2006 & 6th September 2007

Route: 6.6 miles; 905m = 2970' ascent; 3.5 hrs + walk in/out

Comment: A good half day walk for travelling day.
Weather: 11th May 2006: Very hot, dry, sunny day, 25°C at car.
6th Sept 2007: 18°C at valley level; dry but overcast; cloud on tops.
Access: Drive to Inverfyne at N end of Loch Fyne (A83 to Arrochar & then over Rest-and-be-Thankful). Park at north end of bridge at the end of Glen Fyne. Walk or cycle about 3.2 miles up the private road on SE side of R.Fyne as far as road bridge over R. Fyne at NN228160, where tarmac on NW side stops. (The first bridge over the R. Fyne is after 2.0 miles.) It is possible to cycle another 1.2 miles to where the path starts up the hill at Inverchorachan (NN22861803).
Route: Relatively good path up Allt na Faing to just beyond the quartz boulder by path (at ~575m) although very steep and wet. Then path splits into several very damp, peaty ways across bogs and up gullies. This area can be treacherous when covered in snow as it is subject to deep drifts. The most prominent path heads for the lowest point on the ridge. Good path along the ridge.
An alternative to the traditional route is to use the new hydro road which starts in the glen at the power station NN21161478 and continues up beyond the stream at NN21661866. I don't recommend this track because the scenery in the corrie of the original path is so much finer, and the path is more pleasant and interesting.
Equipment: Ideally take poles for a few points where the path is steep, slippery, peaty and treacherous in the narrow section of the valley above Inverchorachan.

13201005 Bridge over R.Fyne at end tarmacked road.   55   00.0 miles NN22811598No Orange
13401025 N along track up NW side of R. Fyne to gate after
Inverchorachan house. (Path starts on far side of gate.)
  95  401.2 miles NN22861803 
 1105 Path W up Allt na Faing to Quartz boulder ~5755202.2 milesNN21671855 
 1140 Boggy path NW over peat hacks &
N up gully to ridge near lowest point.
8357802.7 milesNN21131914 
Path W to M Beinn Bhuidhe 9488953.3 milesNN20361873No Orange
 1210 Return E along ridge to lowest pt 835 3.9 milesNN21131914 
 1240 Boggy path SE to quartz boulder ~575 4.4 milesNN21671855 
16301310 Path E down to gate by Inverchorachan house   95 5.4 milesNN22861803 
16501335 Track S back to bridge.   55 6.6 milesNN22811598No Orange

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