Colin's Munros


Sgurr Breac & A'Chailleach, maps 19 & 20; 28th Mar 2004 & 9th Aug 2009

Route 1: 9¾ miles; 1235m=4050' ascent; 4½ hrs
Route 2: 9⅔ miles; 1150m=3775' ascent; 5 hrs

Comment: A shortish day.
Access: Take the A832 west from its start at Braemore junction and park immediately W of a sharp bend after some forestry, 100yds W of the track to Loch a' Bhraoin at NH162762.
Routes: If you are using 1:50000 maps, watch out for problems reading the ridges of A'Chailleach which is on the map edge. For both routes below, steps need to be re-traced ENE from the summit for a couple of hundred yards to continue.
Although Lochan Toll an Loachain is well worth a visit, as in route 2, the better and usual approach to these three tops is along the ridge path of Druim Reidh north of Toman Coinich, as route 1. This ridge is level, easy and mostly dry. Route 2 is slightly more interesting as it provides an alternative to using the ridge path of Druim Reidh in both directions.
Note that the path has been very nicely re-routed through the trees, obscuring any view, and carefully re-positioned out of sight of the boat house, but it now denies walkers most of the fine loch view which is at its very best from the boat house. The other building beside the boat house is just a ruin.

Route 1 (9/8/09): This is the standard route. There is an option for avoiding ascending to Toman Coinich three times. This is to take the main path where it leaves the Druim Reidh ridge at about 750m and cuts over to the col with A'Chailleach. However, this path is not easy to follow, especially in cloud, and the terrain is less pleasant than on the ridge above.
Weather 9/8/09: Dry; sunny intervals. 17°C – a bit hot.

1158 Parking layby on A832 280   00.0 milesNH16157611Orange
1200 Road SE for 100m to track end 275 0.1 milesNH16227604 
1213 Track SW/S/SSE to bridge over
Loch a' Bhraoin outflow
245 0.95 milesNH15867500 
1250 Path S/SSW to cairn at top of cliffs 6003601.66 milesNH15427396 
1310 Ridge path SSW up Druim Reidh to corner 7004602.2 milesNH15007322 
  Path S to point path leaves ridge 7505102.55 miles~NH150726 
1340 Path contouring W to col 8155753.5 milesNH14407125 
1400-05 W/WSW to M A'Chailleach 9977574.05 milesNH13597142Orange
1420 Return ENE/E to col 815 4.6 milesNH14407125 
  E/NE by-passing T Toman Coinich 9358774.9 milesNH14877136Orange
1430 SE to col 869 5.1 milesNH15127115 
1445-50 E to M Sgurr Breac (two tops) 99910055.57 milesNH15827112Orange
1500 Return W to col 869 6.0 milesNH15127115 
1508-13 NW to T Toman Coinich 93510756.2 milesNH14877136Orange
1528 Ridge path N to point 850 6.55 milesNH15067183 
1540 Ridge path N to point 700 7.0 milesNH15007322 
1553 Ridge path NNE to cairn at cliffs 600 7.95 milesNH15427396 
1620-40 Path NNE/N/NW to boathouse quay at lochside 250 8.85 milesNH15697514 
  Track N/NE to A832 27511259.57 milesNH16227604 
1655 100m NW on A832 to parking layby 28011309.66 milesNH16157611Orange

Route 2 (28/3/04): Although this route has a tough start up the slopes above Loch a' Bhraoin, it includes a visit to the very pleasant Loch Toll an Lochain with views of the surrounding corrie.
Weather: Cloud and rain all day.

0840 Parking on A832 near end of track to Loch a' Bhraoin 280   00.0 milesNH16137615
0900 Cross bridge at outflow from Loch a' Bhraoin 250 0.95 milesNH15867499
  Walk 2 miles W along S shore of loch,
then ascend stream towards Loch Toll an Lochan to 600m
6003502.9 milesNH14587277
1045 Ascend ridge SW to Sron na Goibhre 8926503.5 milesNH13897221
S/SW to M A'Chailleach
(In mist, watch out for direction here – see above)
9977804.04 milesNH13597142
1200 NE for 250yds then E down to col 815 4.6 milesNH14417125
1215 E/NE to T Toman Coinich 9359004.9 milesNH14867137
1220 SE to col 869 5.1 milesNH15137115
E to M Sgurr Breac (two tops) 99910305.55 milesNH15827112
1250 Return W to col 869 6.0 milesNH15137115
1300 Ascend NW to T Toman Coinich again 93510956.2 milesNH14867137
1405 Path N along ridge of Druim Reidh
back to bridge at Loch a' Bhraoin
25010958.6 milesNH15867499
1425 Track NW/N/NE/NW back to car on A832 28011509.65 milesNH16137615

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