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The Western Fannichs: Sgurr nan Clach Geala etc., map 20; 26th Mar 2004 & 14th Aug 2009

Route: 11.4 miles; 1207m = 3960' ascent; 7 hrs.

Access: Take A832 west from Braemore junction on A835 and park immediately W of sharp bend in A832 after forestry, 100yds W of track to Loch a' Bhraoin at NH162762.
Route: This is the south to north route along the ridge which is preferred for the ascent/descent terrain, and direction of prevailing weather: there is a gentle valley ascent, then a steep grass/moss corrie ascent to the first top, and a more gentle pathless heathery descent from the last top to a helpful, newish bridge over the Allt Breabaig at NH1632474795 (still not marked on the OS map but clearly visible on satellite imagery).
Note that the path has been very nicely re-routed through the trees, obscuring any view, and carefully re-positioned out of sight of the boat house, but it now denies walkers most of the fine loch view which is at its very best from the boat house. The other building beside the boat house is just a ruin.
The Fannichs are easily divided into two approximately equal walks. Here is the western half. A route over the eastern half was given on the previous page.
Weather 26/3/04: Times were increased by wet, heavy, melting snow 6"-12" deep above 2500'.
14/8/09: Cloud base at 550m, 13°C, rain from 0900.

26/3/0414/8/09 Description Alt.Asc.DistanceGrid Ref.Mob.
09200610 Parking layby on A832 at large bend
(bend to right from Braemore Jn direction)
280   00.0 milesNH161763Orange
   A832 SE to end of track 275 0.1 milesNH16227604 
09350625 Track SW/S to gate and fence just before Loch a'
Bhraoin, then track left to bridge over Abhainn Cuileag
(For walking in the reverse direction, take left branch of
path 50m after this bridge and head for Allt Breabaig
250   00.95 milesNH15867500 
 0645 Take poor, wet path S beside Allt Breabaig to river
crossing marked by cairn on the opposite bank.
Cross river unless impossible when river is in spate.
275  301.6 milesNH16157416 
   If necessary continue path S and cross to E bank
at NH166724 once river splits into 3 or 4 streams.
360110 NH166724 
Continue S up path on E bank of valley to knoll by bealach 5503054.0 milesNH17367060 
12400830 Diagonally E up to bealach on ridge 8155654.6 milesNH18437050 
13000850 S up ridge to M Sgurr nan Each 9236805.15 milesNH18466977Orange
13200910 Return N to bealach 815 5.7 milesNH18437050 
14100940 N to M Sgurr nan Clach Geala (Trig post is broken off.) 10939606.3 milesNH18447148Orange
1010 NE to col by lochan 865 6.85 milesNH18847218 
15101030 NE/ENE to T Carn na Criche 96110557.4 milesNH1961972535Orange
15301055 Return W for 500m then head NW to col 819 8.05 milesNH18707270 
15551108 NW/N to M Meall a'Chrasgaidh 93411708.4 milesNH18497330Orange
1610 — EITHER: Return S back to col 815  NH18707270 
  — Descend W to path at NH166724 and cross to W bank 360  NH166724 
1800 — Path dn W bank of Allt Breabaig to bridge at L. a' Bhraoin 250  NH15867500 
 —1240 OR (better): Descend NW directly to new bridge 258 10.05 milesNH1632474795 
 —1250 W to Bridge at Loch a'Bhraoin 250 10.45 milesNH15867500 
   THEN: Track N/NE to A832 275120011.3 milesNH16227604 
18201310 100m NW on A832 back to layby. 280120711.4 milesNH161763Orange

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