Colin's Munros


The Grey Corries: Stob Choire Claurigh etc., map 392
31st May 2003 & 26th May 2010

Route 1: 1770m=5815' ascent; 16¾ miles; 9¼hrs
Route 2: 1990m=6530' ascent; 14.4 miles; 9¼hrs

Evaluation: 5* ridge.

Access: From Spean Bridge, drive to Cour Bridge, then take road south passed Coire Choille Farm to track split at height 154, grid NN 253794, where there is a small car parking area. (There is also another parking area higher up.)
Route 1: This is a great walk, spoilt only by a long final walk out which can be ameliorated as follows. It is much better to avoid descending by Allt Coire an Easain; the valley is rough, boggy & craggy ground without paths. It is undoubtedly much more interesting and not much more effort, if any, to retrace one's steps up to the summit of Stob Coire Easain & descend its N ridge (Beinn na Socaich) to the dam at NN240765. There is a good cyclable track from this dam back to the car park. This should certainly be done if Sgurr Choinnich Beag is not tackled. It involves 220m more ascent but saves at least 2¼ miles over poor, slow terrain. The GPS details are given in the link to Route 2 above.
Weather 26/5/10: Frost over night, 1°C at car at start; dull am; long sunny intervals pm; cold breeze.

31/5/0326/5/10 Description Ht.Asc.Dist. Grid Ref.Mob.
09000635 Parking at track split above Coire Choille Farm 154   00.0 milesNN25307937Orange
 0640 Track S to upper car park 200  NN256788Orange
 0705 Take track S to S edge of forest. 3502001.3miNN26177762 
   On emerging from forest strike SW to ridge 460  NN25957735 
10300820 Ascend ridge S to T Stob Coire Gaibhre 9588102.6 milesNN26037572 
   SSW to col 924 2.9 milesNN25887533 
1100 0900 SSE to S.Choire Claurigh N Top
(Clear cairn at bend in ridge)
113410203.6 milesNN26377431 
   Leave main ridge and descend ENE to col 1065 3.77 milesNN26557445 
11200915 ENE to T Stob Coire na Ceannain (5* views) 112310753.9 milesNN26787460Orange
1135  Return WSW to col 1065 4.05 milesNN26557445 
 0930 Return WSW to top on main ridge 1134 11454.2 milesNN26377431 
SSW to M Stob Choire Claurigh 117712004.5 milesNN26187390Orange
   SW/W to Col 1090 4.8 milesNN25777363 
1200  W to T Stob a Choire Leith 110512124.87 milesNN25667367 
1205  SW to col 1045 5.1 milesNN25407347 
12201020 SW to T Stob Coire Cath na Sine 107912455.35 milesNN25227307 
   WSW to col 1065 5.55 milesNN25007298 
12401035 W to T Caisteil 110612855.75 milesNN24667293 
   WSW to col 1055 5.95 milesNN24357277 
SW to M Stob Coire an Laoigh 111613506.25 milesNN23987253No Orange
   WNW to col 1035 6.45 milesNN23657264 
13201115 WNW to T Stob Coire Easain 108513956.6 milesNN23467274 
   (for Route 1:) N/NNE to col 985 6.8 milesNN23627308 
13301130 N to T Beinn na Socaich (5* view corries) 100714157.05 milesNN23627348No Orange
   Return S to col 985 7.25 milesNN23627308 
13451150 SSW/S to T Stob Coire Easain 108515107.5 milesNN23467274No Orange
 1210 (both Routes:) SSW to Bealach Coire Easain 935 7.95 milesNN23217215 
SW to M Sgurr Choinnich Mor (5* top) 109416708.45 milesNN22767142No Orange
 1310 SW to col (with small lochan) 905 8.85 milesNN22277107 
W to T Sgurr Choinnich Beag 96317259.0 milesNN22017103No Orange
  — Either: Back E to col & descend NNW
beside Allt Coire an Easain to valley floor
Or: (for Route 2) Return N to Stob Coire
Easain and descend by its N ridge
490 9.9 milesNN21717208 
 —1345 Or: (less steep, but 0.85 miles longer)
E to farthest part of bealach
731 9.65 milesNN22277107 
 —1415 Descend N to valley floor 490 10.75 milesNN21717208 
17151545 Then: N on E bank of river to dam/track 305173013.65 milesNN22587585 
 1550 Track N to Bridge 220173013.9 milesNN22757620 
 1600 Track NE passed old railway bridge 200173014.3 milesNN23057665 
   Track NE to short-cut path at An Socach
(Path is just before steep section down to br)
200 14.8 milesNN23717700 
Track NE to bridge in dip before road split 180174514.85 milesNN23797709 
 1625 Left on track N to sharp right turn in track. 145175015.3 milesNN23707777 
18151650 Track NE to parking at track split 154177516.8 milesNN25307937Orange

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