Colin's Munros


Beinn Eunaich & Beinn a'Chochuill, Map 377W
17th January 2004 & 22nd January 2008

Route: Ascent 1220m = 4000'; 8 miles; 6 hrs

Route: Excellent track. No significant problems, but there is a steep descent off the south ridge of Beinn Eunaich.
Weather:17/1/04: Deep snow down to low levels, clear sky.
22/1/08: Total cloud cover, cloud base 1800', continuous rain from 10.40, gale force winds on ridge of Beinn a'Chochuill; 0°C at car, several inches of snow on summits, with patches down to about 1500'.
Connectivity: Orange at start/end, reception only on Beinn a'Chochuill. No Orange otherwise on 22/1/08, perhaps due to severe weather.

17/1/0422/1/08 Description Ht.Asc.DistanceGrid Ref.
09000915 Park on B8077 at bridge over Allt Mhoille
(S corner) There is not much parking here.
 50   00.0 milesNN13612882
 1010 Track from NE end of bridge NNW by
Castles Farm to stream just before track split
10001020 Take right fork for 250m towards tunnel entrance 4604102.3 milesNN12403160
1100  Ascend spur NW to top on ridge (occasional path) 896845 NN11933258
1140  W along ridge to M Beinn a'Chochuill 9809353.5 milesNN10963283
1230  Return E and continue on to bealach 7289404.66 miNN12693279
  Ascend ridge E to M Beinn Eunaich 98912005.2 milesNN13563277
1350  – EITHER Back to bealach 728  NN12693279
1420  – Descend S into corrie, back to tunnel entrance 460 6.4 milesNN12543187
  –  OR Descend path on shoulder S to Stob Maol
(Go further than path for better view)
475  NN13463058
  –  Descend SW to join approach track 160 7.0 milesNN13103019
15201505 THEN Return SSW/S along track to car at bridge  50 8.0 milesNN13612882

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