Colin's Munros


The Fisherfield Five, Maps 19,20;
26-27th July 2018

Route from Incheril: 26.7 miles (12.7 miles on path), 2150m = 7050' ascent; 2 days(?)
Route from Corrie Hallie: 24.85 miles (6.5 miles on path), 2815m = 9240' ascent.

Access: From the A832 at the E end of Kinlochewe follow the sign to Incheril, and park at the end of the road where there is a large car park on the left.
Route: For this route these remote Munros require the rather long walk-in of nearly 7 miles each way from Kinlochewe to Loch Fada. The same hills from Corrie Hallie via Shenavall is a slightly shorter 25 miles but requires 2800m ascent (see here), the extra ascent arising mainly from the track between Corrie Hallie and Shenavall. Coming from Shenavall makes sense for those wishing to include the Corbett Beinn a' Chlaidheimh (914m).
The route from Incheril can be done in one long day, but a bivvy can easily be included.
Terrain: There is no path along NE shore of Loch Fada, but instead time-consuming peat bogs everywhere below 600m. The same is true on the walk out from the lower slopes of the Munro top Sgurr Dubh back to the path.
There is a good path from the main top of A'Mhaighdean to Ruadh Stac Mor, with good cairns marking each end of the ascent through the crags of Ruadh Stac Mor. (Note that from the bealach another path bends round and down to Fuar Loch Mor, but the path to Ruadh Stac Mor carries straight on.)
The west ridge of Beinn Tarsuinn is narrow with pinnacles, but straightforward scrambling. The pinnacles can be avoided by a much lower path on the SW side. The descent ESE from Beinn Tarsuinn is straightforward but rocky down to the bealach.
The GPX route includes a descent northwards into the corrie for a bivvy. Because of the wind direction, the corrie did not provide much shelter. but there are good streams for fresh drinking water. Alternatively, carry on round the ridge to Mullach Corie Mhic Fhearchair either over Meall Garbh or taking the easy by-pass path to its north west. This avoids the steeply angled flank of Mullach Corie Mhic Fhearchair when traversing from the corrie to the beallach with Sgurr Ban.
Sgurr Ban (NH055745) is covered in slow, bouldery terrain but there is a path on the west side of the lower part of the S ridge, and this eventually crosses to the east side as the summit is approached.
The path southwards up Mullach Corie Mhic Fhearchair is clearly marked, though steep, and there are then no issues until Sgurr Dubh is approached.
Sgurr Dubh (NH061729) lies on a knife edge ridge with pinnacles on either side that require minor scrambling. It is very short on its NW ridge, which is just 150 yards long with 50m of ascent. All major difficulties on this approach can be avoided by taking a path a few metres down from the crest on the SW face. In dry conditions the path is very much clearer. The south ridge is just a trivial grass slope terminated by cliffs 1km from the summit. These should be straight-foward if tackled a little to the east of the ridge end.
Weather: This was done in a heat wave. Hence ridiculously slow times!

Time Place on route Ht(m)AscentDistanceGrid Ref.
0725Car park at Incheril 35 00.0mi NH0377562395
0825Track E to split at Heights of Kinlochewe 90 452.6mi NH0721264186
0840Track N to bridge at NH074654 1501053.35mi NH0740965335
0910Track N to end and path split 260220 4.25mi NH0702766691
0935Path N to gate in deer fence 3002605.2miNH0630868081
0945Path N to start of first lochan 3202805.4miNH06276835
1030Path NW to sandbank at SE end L Fada 310 290 6.7mi NH05046992
1305 NW along loch shore to above rocky outcrop
(below is better) then ascend to Pollan na Muice
525 517 9.7mi NH02007335
1420-25NW to M A'Mhaighdean (S top) 96796010.8mi NH0077574913
 NE to col 935  10.9miNH00927501
 N to A'Mhaighdean N top 948 97211.0mi NH0096675264
1505-10Descend E/ENE to bealach 745  11.5mi NH0164375435
1535-40Follow winding path E through crags to:
M Ruadh Stac Mor
9181140 11.7mi NH0185275662
1600Return W to bealach 745  12.0mi NH0164375435
 Contour S to Stac a'Chaorruinn 750  12.55 NH01707440
1700-15Descend SE to Pollan na Muice 525  13.2mi NH0211473529
 Due E to NW ridge of B. Tarsuinn 750 1365 14.0mi NH03277357
1935-50E over tors to M Beinn Tarsuinn 937 1570 14.85 NH0396172792
 ESE to Bealach Odhar 730  15.25 NH04637258
2030Descend NNE into corrie for bivvy (windy) 655 15.5mi NH04727294
0630Depart campsite 655   NH04727294
 N to dip 655  15.75 NH04627336
0730NNE to bealach 824 172516.3mi NH05207392
0800NNE/NE to M Sgurr Ban 989189016.75 NH05587454
0820Return SW/SSW to bealach 824  17.25 NH05207392
S to M MC McFhearchair 1018 208117.5mi NH05217350
0915-20ESE to T Mullach C McFh, E Top 9782107 17.75 NH05637338
0930-50SE to col NW with Sgurr Dubh 870  18.0mi NH05857306
1010SE to T Sgurr Dubh (2nd cairn is top) 915 215218.15 NH06067291
1105-10S down ridge to Allt Tanagaidh 470   NH06217128
1130S over moor to L. Meallan an Fhudair 455  19.65 NH06187065
1205SW to return path by L. an Sgeireach 330  20.35 NH05816923
1220Path SSE to start of first lochan 320  21.0mi NH06276835
1230Path SSE to deer Fence gate 300  21.2miNH0630868081
1300Path S to track end 260  22.4mi NH0702766691
1320-25Track S to bridge at NH074654 150  23.3mi NH0740965335
1340Track S to split at Heights of Kinlochewe 90  24.1mi NH0721264186
1430Track SW to locked gate 40  26.55 NH03966242
1435Grassy path W to car park at Incheril 35  26.67 NH0377562395

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