Colin's Munros


Ben Wyvis, Map 20; 1st Dec 2003 & 24th Feb 2009

Route 1: Ascent 1360m = 4465'; 13 miles; 7 hrs (without Little Wyvis)
Route 2: Ascent 1600m = 5250'; 15½ miles; 8½ hrs (with Little Wyvis).

Access: The clearly sign-posted car park for Ben Wyvis is on the east side of the A835 (on the right going towards Ullapool) just S of the Allt a' Bhealaich Mhoir bridge at Garbat, 3.6 miles after the junction with the A832 at Garve. The sign post is a Forestry Commission green one, not a big blue “P”. There is alternative parking on the west (left) side at Garbat 4 miles after the junction.
Route 1 (1/12/03): Ascend path by the Allt a' Bhealaich Mhoir to the good path up ridge to An Cabar. Almost entirely easy paths along all ridges throughout this walk. However, essentially no path down from Tom a'Choinnich to the horizontal forest track above Garbat – only very boggy hints until close to the forestry. There is then a good track beside the Allt a'Gharbh Bhaid down to Garbat farm from this forestry road. The walks can be done in either direction. Both are given below.
The Corbett Little Wyvis can be included as below in the second route, although crossing the bealach to it from An Cabar is a bit tedious. In this case, go round anti-clockwise so that Little Wyvis can be omitted if you run out of steam or weather or time.
Comment: A 4m wide strip of the fragile moss along the ridge out to Glas Leathad Beag has been severely damaged by some thoughtless idiot on a tracked vehicle (sometime before Feb 2009). Fortunately, the damage seems to be healing (Mar 2016).

1/12/03 Description Ht.Asc.DistanceGrid Ref.
0850 Car Park on A835 at Garbat 4 miles after jn with A832 145   00.0 milesNH41196786
  Ascend path due E of Garbat to forestry track 235  850.65 milesNH42036763
0925 Path SE to forest edge 3602101.4 milesNH42996699
1035 From Allt a' Bhealaich Mhoir just above forest edge,
follow good path due E up ridge to T An Cabar
9468002.85 milesNH45046659
1045 NE to next top 9808453.3 milesNH45356725
NE to M Ben Wyvis (Glas Leathad Mor) 10469204.25 milesNH46316838
1125 Optional detour E/SE to An t-Socach
(1 mile and 50m ascent extra)
1007  –   –NH47096817
1150 (NW then) N to bealach 861 4.9 milesNH46506944
1200 N/NW to T Tom a'Choinnich (or by pass to SE) 95310155.33 milesNH46357001
1220 NE to col 796 6.2 milesNH47557067
1240 E/SE to top 91011306.8 milesNH48487049
1250 ENE to T Glas Leathad Beag 92811707.27 milesNH49227070
1300 Optionally continue NE to Meall nan Bradan Leathan
for view. (Adds ¾ mile and 42m ascent.)
920  –  –NH49647110
1330 Return (SW/) W over top(s) to main col 79611958.35 milesNH47557067
1355 Reascend WSW to T Tom a'Choinnich 95313509.2 milesNH46357001
Either SE/S to bealach and
Descend by Allt a'Gharbh Bhaid WSW to edge of forestry
 — Or Descend ridge WSW/SW to edge of forestry 320 11.5 milesNH43376796
1530 Path beside Allt a'Gharbh Bhaid down to
forestry track at river crossing
225 12.2 milesNH42276794
1535 Left over bridge, 375 yds along road to track down (very clear) 235136012.4 milesNH42146781
1550 Standard path W back to car park 150136013.15 milesNH41196786

Route 2 (24/2/09): This is the reverse of the above route, and includes Little Wyvis, which is a Corbett.
Weather (24/2/09): Cloud base at 2000'; 3°C at car.

24/2/09 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Grid Ref.
0920 Car park on A835 just S of Garbat
3.6 miles after jn with A832 (Orange)
144   00.0 milesNH41036713
0925 Track NE beside road to Allt a' Bhealaich Mhoir 145 0.2 milesNH41226735
0935 Path E beside Allt a' Bhealaich Mhoir to forestry track 217 0.5 milesNH4169667208
0945 Track NE to far side of Allt a'Gharbh Bhaid bridge 230  951.2 milesNH42306791
1010 Path E by Allt a'Gharbh Bhaid to edge trees
(Good path up clearing in forest)
3201851.87 milesNH4337567975
1040 Ascend stream ENE to ridge end (over boggy terrain) 4503152.86 milesNH44406915
1145 Ridge E to T Tom a'Choinnich (easy terrain on ridge) 9538204.17 milesNH4635170026
  ENE to bealach 796 5.05 milesNH4753870649
  NE passed pt 817 to col 812 5.35 milesNH4803370709
1220 E to minor top 9109405.63 milesNH4848870473
1225 ENE to col 888 5.85 milesNH4880370616
1235 E to T Glas Leathad Beag (Orange) 9289806.1 milesNH4922970677
1245 Return W to col 888 6.4 milesNH4880370616
1250 WSW to top 91010006.6 milesNH48487049
  NW to very minor col 812 6.87 milesNH4803370709
1300 W over minor bump with pt 817 to bealach 79510057.2 milesNH47557067
  Start W up ridge, then contour SW to stream
and S to corrie lip for good view into Choire Mhoir
87210807.9 milesNH4683469927
  Continue SW to Highest pt on corrie lip 89011007.95 milesNH4680269830
  WSW to ridge path from Tom a'Choinnich 90011108.1 milesNH46596971
1340 Path S down ridge to bealach 860 8.3 milesNH46506944
1405-15 SSW up ridge to M Ben Wyvis (Orange) 104612959.0 milesNH4629868379
  Path SW to bump 98013059.9 milesNH45356725
  S to col 930 10.2 milesNH45156680
1445 SSW to T An Cabar, E cairn (Orange) 946132010.35 milesNH4504666579
1520 Steeply S to watercourse 535 11.05 milesNH4508665397
1530 SW to bealach 500 11.3 milesNH4487065145
1600 WSW to bottom of a grassy gully 590141012.15 milesNH4358964676
1620 WSW to top of grassy gully 690151012.25 milesNH4344164622
1630 WSW direct to C Little Wyvis (Orange) 764158512.55 milesNH42966447
  NW down to track. (Probably easier to go NNE
along ridge then down to zigzag in track)
700 12.67 milesNH42906465
1650 Track/Ridge NNE to cairn at sharp bend in track 634160013.25 milesNH4329465486
1705 Boggy path N by fence to forest corner 446 13.6 milesNH4315966081
1715 N by forest edge to Allt a' Bhealaich Mhoir 355 13.9 milesNH4312766521
1735 NW to forest track 210 14.9 milesNH4169667208
1745 Path WNW by stream back to A835 144 15.2 milesNH41206737
1750 Path SW back to car park (Orange) 144160015.4 milesNH41036713

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