Colin's Munros


Beinn Sgritheall, Map 33
26th August 2003, 2nd May 2005 & 10th March 2010

Route 1: 4.0 miles; 975m=3200' ascent; 2¾ hrs ;
Route 2: 5.6 miles; 1190m=3900' ascent; 4 hrs ;
Route 3: 10 miles; 1650m=5400' ascent;

Route 1 Directions: (50 mins drive each way from Cluanie Inn.) At Shiel Bridge take road to Glen Elg, continue S round to Loch Hourn at Creag Ruadh. The start of the path (in 2010) is marked by a 2' high cairn about 2 yds from the road edge in the bay between the two islands.
Route 1: Apart from the initial undergrowth issues, this would be my preferred route. As well as a little less distance and ascent, I prefer the scenery which is more open.
For the ascent I could not find the path, and had to fight through extensive brambles & other undergrowth. You definitely have to find start of the path for the ascent from here.

0945 Park near roadside cairn at Creag Ruadh   25    00.0 milesNG81821194
Path N/NW up to Lochan 3653400.5 milesNG81681263
Path E up ridge to beside upper corrie 6506251.35 milesNG82901272
1125 NE over rough ground to T Beinn Sgritheall, NW Top 9289051.8 milesNG83481312
1135 Contour SE/S/SW to M Beinn Sgritheall 9749772.2 milesNG83601269
Path on ridge W down to Lochan 365 3.5 milesNG81681263
1235 Path SE/S back to roadside cairn   259774.0 milesNG81821194

Route 2: This version, starting in Arnisdale, includes the Munro Top. Finding the right descent point from the summit ridge towards the North Top was a problem, everything being in cloud with snow on the ground. I omitted it the first time.
There are two neighbouring Corbetts to the east, Beinn nan Caorach and Beinn na h-Eaglaise, which could easily be included in the same walk as in Route 3. The weather was too bad on this occasion to make that possible.
Weather 10/3/2010: Complete white-out above 850m (thick mist and complete snow cover on ground) making direction finding very hard (no GPS) and slow speed.

26/8/0310/3/10 Description Alt.Asc.DistanceGrid Ref.
16500920 Park in Arnisdale on sea front near post office
close to path end NG840105 (W end of village)
    0    0 0.0 milesNG84221049
 1120 Path NNE from Post Office to Bealach Arnasdail 6056051.4 milesNG85041214
 1220 Path NW to SE top 9069151.75 milesNG84531236
 1230 Path W to col 835 2.0 milesNG84141230
18251310 Path WNW to M Beinn Sgritheall 97410552.45 milesNG83601269
 —1335 Optionally: NE/WNW to T Beinn Sgritheall, NW Top 92810852.85 milesNG83481312
 1355 Return ESE/S to main ridge 95011053.3 milesNG83761259
 1410 Path SSE back to col 825 3.6 milesNG84141230
   Path E to SE top 90611803.85 milesNG84531236
Path SE to Bealach Arnasdail 605 4.2 milesNG85041214
 1600 Path S to sharp left detour above Arnisdale recycling.
(The path should be re-routed sensibly down to this.)
  80 5.1 milesNG84381093
19301620 Path back to Arnisdale sea front by PO     011905.6 milesNG84221049

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