Colin's Munros


Sgurr nan Coireachan & Sgurr Thuilm, map 40
18th October 2005 & 28th May 2010

Route: 1455m = 4775' ascent; 13.4 miles; 7 hrs.

Access: From Fort William, take A830 W to Glenfinnan. Note that there may be game hunting here, so access to some parts may be restricted. Walkers should observe the notices and keep to the ridge paths. A bike would be excellent to cover the 3 miles each way of the walk in and out as the road to Corryhully is tarmacked as far as the lodge. (It is driveable, but may be private.)
With effort, it is possible to add the Corbett Streap into this walk. Steve Fallon gives a route here under "Alternative Routes". There's a video of it here. This addition would be too steep as well as too strenuous for most, and I've not attempted it.
Terrain: Mostly clear, typical ridge paths throughout, but deteriorates slowly on the way round, finishing in a wet peaty descent path off the ridge.
Weather 18/10/05: 12°C at car, tops clear, no rain, bright but no sun & total, light cloud cover.
Weather 28/5/10: 4°C at car at start; sunny intervals, mostly overcast; showery all day, light snow showers am, a heavy shower early pm. In cloud on Sgurr nan Coireachan, else below clouds.
Mobile: Orange available in Glenfinnan and on both Munro summits.

18/10/0528/5/10 Description Ht.Asc.DistanceGrid Ref.
09250655 Park at Glenfinnan, immediately on
right after crossing river from S to N
  10   00.0 milesNM90608075
 0700 Road NE to viaduct  15   50.4 milesNM90978133
 0705 Road NE to bridge  35 250.8 milesNM91318194
 0720 Pass footbridge over R.Finnan  40 301.6 milesNM91198321
 0735 Ftbr over R.Finnan just before road bridge     
10100736 Road N to split at bridge below lodge.
(Park here if driving in.) Take right fork.
  60  502.5 milesNM91208446
 0740 Take right fork to Corryhully bothy   55 2.56 milesNM91288442
 0750 Continue track NNE beside river,
passed footbridge over R.Finnan
Track NNE to path up, marked by
obvious cairn & small sign post.
1501453.17 milesNM91868520
1055  Stalkers' path N to ridge
(Path is good but unmaintained.)
3002953.6 milesNM91718593
11500935 NW to Sgurr a'Choire Riabhaich 8528474.67 milesNM90768711
   NNW to col 800 5.0 milesNM90578760
NNW to M Sgurr nan Coireachan
Trig pt (still intact in 2010)
95610035.3 milesNM90288803
1240  ENE to col 780 5.7 milesNM90848827
12451050 E to Meall an Tarmachain 82610405.9 milesNM91158830
12551100 E to col 725 6.2 milesNM91628827
13101115 E to Beinn Gharbh 82511456.6 milesNM92278818
   SE to col 755 6.8 milesNM92578795
13201130 SE to top 78511806.9 milesNM92668782
13251135 SE to col 740 7.05 milesNM92858769
13401145 E to top 85813007.35 milesNM93278769
13451150 E to col 830 7.55 milesNM93608771
NE to M Sgurr Thuilm 96314307.8 milesNM93918797
 1225 S for 600m to minor top 88514458.15 milesNM93948740
   SW down Druim Coire a'Bheithe
to drop at ridge end
635 8.95 milesNM92928664
Descend path SW from end of ridge
to track end (sign post) at end of
deer fence, 100yds E of bridge.
150 9.8 milesNM92088558
Track to path up at cairn & sign post. 150145010.2 milesNM91868520
 1350 Track to Corryhully bothy   55 10.8 milesNM91288442
15351410 Track SSW to bridge below Corryhully  60145510.87 milesNM91208446
 1425 Road S to bridge  35 12.55 milesNM91318194
 1430 Road SW to viaduct  15 13.0 milesNM90978133
16201440 Road SW to parking at Glenfinnan. 10145513.4 milesNM90608075

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