Colin's Munros


Driesh & Mayar, map 44; 2nd Nov 2003 & 24th Oct 2007

Route: 9.1 miles; 877m = 2875' ascent; 3 – 3½ hrs.

Access: From Perth take the A90 NE to Forfar, take the third exit (Kirriemuir) and follow the A926 for 5 miles to Kirriemuir. Follow signs to Glen Clova: B955 to Dykehead, Glen Clova & Clova (14 miles from A90). Immediately after the bridge in Clova take the left turn (Glendoll). There are then toilets on the left at the T-junction. Continue a further 3.5 miles on the unclassified road to Glendoll. Parking is on the right just after the bridge.
Road Closure: Storm Arwen in late Nov 2021 brought down many trees in the Glen Clova and Glen Doll. As of 1st Jan 2022 much work still needed to be done to clear the paths and some vehicle tracks of fallen trees. Consequently, the road from Clova to Glendoll Lodge and the parking there have been marked as “closed”, perhaps to allow large forestry equipment to move without hindrance from the public. Nevertheless, many private vehicles are still using the road and the parking area without difficulty.
In January 2022 the Kilbo path was clear of any obstruction as far as the stepping stones over the Burn of Kilbo, but thereafter the stretch in the forest was blocked by swathes of fallen trees. Walkers are strongly advised to take a detour above that final forest section from where the path enters the forest at the stepping stones to where the path emerges from the forest 500yds later.
Connectivity: I failed to get a signal either in the car park or on Dreish in Jan 2022, but there was one on Mayar.
Route: To find start of walk, follow signs in Glen Doll saying "Kilbo Path".
Ideally pick late October for enjoying the display of autumn colours in Glen Doll.
Conditions (24/10/07): Perfect weather: sun + light breeze. 7°C at start. Good paths & dry underfoot.

2/11/0324/10/07 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Grid Ref.Mob.
074511.20 Parking at Glendoll Lodge 260   00.0 milesNO28367611No Orange
 11.25 Continue NW up road, then left at sign "Doll Walk".
S over the White Water bridge.
260   50.4 milesNO27837620 
 11.30 E on path or forestry road to sign "Kilbo Path" 290  300.65 milesNO27487608 
 11.45 "Kilbo Path" SW up side of The Scorrie
over road, through clearing & re-enter forest
3801251.2 milesNO27277553 
 11.50 Path SW through forest to "Kilbo Path" sign.
Cross Burn of Kilbo
5002451.6 milesNO26897505 
081511.55 Path SW to gate at end of forest 5703201.8 milesNO26577487 
085012.20 SW to cairn at top of Shank Drumfollow 8305652.5 milesNO25957399No Orange
  —12.45 EITHER: Path W to M Mayar 9286903.7 milesNO24097377No Orange
  —13.05 Return E to cairn on Shank Drumfollow 8307055.0 milesNO25957399No Orange
  —13.25 Descend SE to bealach 805m, then path E to M Driesh 9478505.7 milesNO27147358No Orange
  —13.40 Return W to bealach 805m & Kilbo path cairn 8258706.6 milesNO25957399No Orange
0910  — OR: Descend SE to bealach 805m, then path E to M Driesh 9477103.35 milesNO27147358No Orange
0925  — Return W to bealach 805m & Kilbo path 8257304.45 milesNO25527381No Orange
1000  — Path W to M Mayar 9288555.37 milesNO24097377No Orange
1025  — Return E to cairn on Shank Drumfollow 8308706.6 milesNO25957399No Orange
105014.00 THEN: Path NE to gate at forest edge 570 7.3 milesNO26577487 
 14.05 Path NE in forest to burn crossing & "Kilbo Path" sign 500 7.5 milesNO26897505 
111514.10 "Kilbo Path" NE to forest clearing 380 7.9 milesNO27277553 
 14.20 Path NE to "Kilbo Path" sign on forestry road 290 8.45 milesNO27487608 
   Path or track E to White Water bridge 260 8.7 milesNO27837620 
 14.25 Track ESE to Glendoll Lodge parking 2608779.1 milesNO28367611No Orange

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