Colin's Munros


Tom Buidhe, Tolmount, Cairn Bannoch & Broad Cairn, map 44; 5th March 2015

Route: 18.1 miles, Ascent: 1177m = 3860', Time: 10 hrs.

Route: Excellent paths up Glen Doll to “shelter” at NO234778, good paths along plateau; variable but always fairly good paths/tracks on descent from Broad Cairn to Acharn. Note that the vehicular track down the South Esk valley has a ford, not a bridge, at NO28077809 So walkers are recommended to cross the river using the bridge at NO27727890, or perhaps (once the fallen trees have been removed) continue on an unmade path to the footbridge at the forest edge.
Road Closure: Storm Arwen in late Nov 2021 brought down many trees in the Glen Clova and Glen Doll. As of 1st Jan 2022 much work still needed to be done to clear the paths and some vehicle tracks of fallen trees. Consequently, the road from Clova to Glendoll Lodge and the parking there have been marked as “closed”, perhaps to allow large forestry equipment to move without hindrance from the public. Nevertheless, many private vehicles are still using the road and the parking area without difficulty.
In January 2022 on the outward section I took the vehicle track on the south bank of the White Water in Glen Doll hoping to avoid the fallen trees. However, there were around 50 trees blocking the track which added about 30 minutes to negotiate. On the return, the walk back by the River South Esk is clear only on the vehicular track to Moulzie. The walkers' paths connecting to the footbridge at the forest edge are blocked by hundreds of fallen trees and should certainly be avoided.
Connectivity: If no signal is obtained on the top of Broad Cairn, try again about 500m east of the summit. Tom Buidhe should have a signal, but there may not be one on Tolmount.
Weather: 7°C at car; occasional light rain all day, full cloud cover, mostly in cloud; strong winds. Some patches of snow/ice underfoot but no need for crampons.

5/3/15 Description Alt.Asc.Dist. Grid Ref.Mobile
0645 Parking in Glen Doll 260  0 0.0 miles NO28357613No mob
0705 Track WSW up Glen Doll to path end 305  40 1.0 miles NO27697622 
0745 Path straight on W/WNW to forest edge 430 165 2.4 miles NO24847678 
Path WNW up to “shelter” 727 463 3.5 miles NO23407778 
NW to M Tom Buidhe 957 693 4.95 miles NO21377876 TalkMob
W/N/NNE round 3 cols 905
700 5.32 miles
5.53 miles
5.77 miles
NE to M Tolmount 958 770 11.8 miles NO21058001 TalkMob
1100 E to col 875   11.37 miles NO21718006 
SE to T Crow Craigies 920 815 7.03 miles NO22207986 
1125 NNW to col 888   7.53 miles NO21768054 
1155 N to T Fafernie 1000 927 8.67 miles NO21518231 
  NE to col 980   9.02 miles NO21938264 
1220 ESE to M Cairn Bannoch 1012 957 9.25 miles NO22298255 
1230 S to col 967   9.5 miles NO22418221 
1233 SE to T Cairn of Gowal 991 980 9.67 miles NO22678208 
  S to col 973   9.85 miles NO22708184 
1240 SSE to Cairn of Gowal, S top 983 990 9.95 miles NO22778168 
1250 SE to col 905   10.28 miles NO23118126 
1255 S to T Craig of Gowal 927 1015 10.5 miles NO23198089 
1303 N back to col 905   10.75 miles NO23118126 
1313 NNE up to col 935 1045 11.05 miles NO23238173 
1323 N to T Munro top 983 1092 11.42 miles NO23288231 
1333 S/SE to col 933   11.85 miles NO23488173 
Path ESE to M Broad Cairn 998 1157 12.2 miles NO24068156 TalkMob
1435 Path/track E/SE to hut on bealach 705   13.35 miles NO25648084 
Path S to bridge 480 1160 14.22 miles NO25417965 
1535 Path S/SE to track end 450   14.4 miles NO25637948 
1610 Track SE/E/SE to br at river bend
Either continue track on W bank of
river or cross to path on E bank)
295   15.85 miles NO27727890 
  Track/Path S to jn near ford by Moulzie 275   16.4 miles NO28077809 
1630 Track S to high pt beside Moulzie 290 1170 16.65 miles NO28367796 
  Track S to bridge 260   17.88 miles NO28357613  
1655 Cross bridge NW to Glen Doll parking 260 1170 18.06 miles NO28357613 No mob

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