Colin's Munros


Knoydart: Luinne Bheinn, Meall Buidhe & Ladhar Bheinn
Map 33; 30th April 2004 & 8th June 2007

Route: 3230m = 10600' ascent; 30.0 miles.

Kit: With the size of this walk, a head torch and spare batteries are a necessity at one or both ends of the day.
Route: Be aware that the long walk-in to Barrisdale includes a minimum of about 350m ascent and the same again on the walk out: it's a fairly level path around the coast almost as far as Skiary, but then an unnecessary rise to 40m before the descent to 20m just after Skiary; a rise to 105m, down to 10m, then rise to 115m above Runival; then down to 20m, up to 30m, and down to 10m at Coalas Mor; up to 90m then down to the track beside the shore at Barrisdale Bay.
Wild camping at Barrisdale before and after would decrease the total ascent and distance, and the mountains could then easily be divided into two one day walks if one day were not enough.
There is a choice of route from Barrisdale up to Luinne Bheinn via either Mam Barrisdale or Mam Unndalain. Clearly one can omit some of the Munros if the exertion or weather prove too much.
Some change may be needed for the location below of parking at Kinloch Hourn. From aerial views, the best parking seems to be on the left just passed Lochournhead House, approx NG950066.
There are alternatives to the long walk-in from Kinloch Hourn. One can hire a boat from Arnisdale to Barrisdale and camp there. But the easiest choice is probably to start from Inverie and take two days over the ascents: Luinne Bheinn & Meall Buidhe on one day, and Ladhar Bheinn with its top on the other.
NB: The only road to Kinloch Hourn was blocked by a landslip in November 2018 (see the Mountaineering Scotland website). It appears to have been re-opened in April 2019 (see the comments on the AGU and CoastalWalker websites).
Connectivity: Orange on both tops of Luinne Bheinn, and on Aonach Sgoilte, but weak on Ladhar Bheinn, and very weak on Meall Buidhe. No Orange on Stob a'Choire Odhair or at Kinloch Hourn.

30/4/048/6/07 Description Alt.Asc.30/4/04Grid Ref.
05250045 Park at Kinloch Hourn    0   00.0 milesNG94880664
 0115 Bridge above Skiary   40  401.45 milesNG92950700
 0135 Top of first big rise (just after Skiary) 1051301.95 milesNG92210674
 0155 Top of second big rise (at Runival) 1152302.5 milesNG91440653
 0210 Bridge (over stream 800m E of Caolas Mor)     52553.6 milesNG89800648
 0250 Bridge (over stream 500m W of Caolas Mor)   303154.5 milesNG88500603
 0300 Top of third & final rise   903754.8 milesNG88030593
 0310 Track at path end, Barrisdale     03755.3 milesNG87290589
07450335 Track to bridge at Barrisdale Bay    03856.5 milesNG87110414
0900 – EITHER: Path S/SSE up Gleann Unndalain to
bealach Mam Unndalain
5259109.05 milesNG88650090
1010 – SW/WSW/W/NW to T Luinne Bheinn – E top 937132510.05 milesNG87280072
  – W to col 915 10.1 milesNG87150068
OR: Path SSW to Mam Barrisdale 4508358.7 milesNG85590177
10150600 THEN: NW resp. E/SE to M Luinne Bheinn – W top 939135010.25 milesNG86950078
   Return SE to col 915 10.4 milesNG87150068
10300610 Back E to T Luinne Bheinn – E top 937138010.5 milesNG87280072
10500635 SSE then SW to bealach 675 10.9 milesNG87140016
 0705 Continue S and skirt Meall Coire na
Gaoithe'n Ear (path nearly to top 839)
820155011.5 milesNM86669939
11300720 Veer WSW to Bealach Ile Coire 715 11.8 milesNM86229922
12050805 SW up ridge to T Meall Buidhe SE Top 942179012.45 milesNM85279876
   NW to col 910 12.6 milesNM85059881
12100815 N to M Meall Buidhe 946183012.75 milesNM84909897
   Return S to col 910 12.9 milesNM85059881
12300825 Return SE to T Meall Buidhe SE Top 942186013.05 milesNM85279876
12500850 Descend ridge NE to Bealach Ile Coire 715 13.5 milesNM85979911
13150920 Descend N to lochan 550184014.1 milesNM86229993
Contour N to Mam Barrisdale bealach 450186515.5 milesNG85590177
   NW to Stob a Chearcaill (or the col SW of it) 835226016.5 milesNG84570296
   SW to col 805 16.66 milesNG84310286
15001140 SW to Aonach Sgoilte 849230516.85 milesNG84020272
15151200 NW to Bealach Coire Dhorrcail 705231517.25 milesNG83520311
 1225 NW to point 858 858246517.5 milesNG83210332
   NW to col 820 17.55 milesNG83140336
 1235 NW to top 845249017.7 milesNG82980348
   NW over several tops to final col 820250017.8 milesNG82900362
16101310 NW to M Ladhar Bheinn (E end of ridge) 1020268518.2 milesNG82400398
   Continue NW along summit ridge to col 995 18.3 milesNG82230408
16151320 NW to Ladhar Bheinn, trig post at W end of ridge 1010270018.4 milesNG82140414
   Return along summit ridge SE to col 995 18.45 milesNG82230408
16301330 SE to M Ladhar Bheinn 1020273018.6 milesNG82400398
   Turn to NE and descend ridge to col 915 18.9 milesNG82820421
16451345 Continue NE to T Stob a'Choire Odhair 960277519.0 milesNG83000433
Descend NE ridge initially, then cut directly
SE down to burn at sheilings
220278520.4 milesNG84980432
18451625 Path SE above Allt Coire Dhorreail, SE round
headland to bridge at Barrisdale Bay, L. Hourn
    0285522.3 milesNG87110414
 1650 N on track to path end 1km N of Barrisdale     0287523.5 milesNG87290589
 1720 Bridge over stream 500m W of Caolas Mor   30295524.3 milesNG88500603
 1800 Bridge over stream 800m E of Caolas Mor     5295525.2 milesNG89800648
 1905 Bridge on path above Skiary   40323027.35 milesNG92950700
21151945 Path E along L. Hourn to car at Kinloch Hourn    0323028.8 milesNG94880664

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