Colin's Munros


Gairich, map 33; 3rd May 2004, AM & 9th March 2010, PM

Route: 5 hrs (or less); 960m=3150' ascent; 9.3 miles total.

Access: From Invergarry, take A87 west for 5.1 miles, then turn left onto C-road beside Loch Garry, leading to Loch Quoich, and park at the dam.
NB: The road to the start of this walk was blocked by a landslip in November 2018 (see the Mountaineering Scotland website). It appears to have been re-opened in April 2019 (see the comments on the AGU and CoastalWalker websites).
Route: The path is (normally) poor, wet and peaty from the dam to the path intersection at NN066996, but thereafter mostly quite reasonable. It can be reasonably dry after several months of little rain. There is a short exposed section on the final pull-up before the summit ridge which can be tricky in icy conditions. From the end of the path on the map to the summit, the path coordinates in the route given in the link above are actual GPS readings. Note that the summit is 12m further east than appears on the 1:25000 map, and much further east than on the 1:50000 map.
On the return, make sure to turn right at the small cairn at NN03519942 on the bealach before Bac nam Foid.
Time: This is really not much more than a half-day walk. On each occasion I was somewhat tired, so faster times are possible. Sections of the walk are along a good enough path for a respectable speed to be made.

3/5/049/3/1015/5/17 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.
055513200900 Parking at top of L. Quoich dam 160   00.0 milesNH06860238
 13450925 Boggy path S to lochan    NH06880104
    Boggy path S to rise 255110 NH06620009
065014050945 Boggy path S to intersection at forest 1951102.0 milesNN06599959
    Path W to near Bac nam Foid 555470 NN03899938
081015151100 W to W side of bealach 5704873.95 milesNN03459939
1145 W to M Gairich 9198454.65 milesNN0259399570
1210 Return E to bealach 5708505.35 milesNN03459939
   E to beside Bac nam Foid 555850 NN03899938
101017551305 Path E to intersection at forest 1958507.3 milesNN06599959
   Path N to rise 255910 NH06620009
 18151330 Boggy path N to lochan    NH06880104
110018401350 Path N back to parking at dam 1609609.3 milesNH06860238

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