Colin's Munros


Fionn Bheinn, maps 19, 20 & 25;
2nd December 2003 & 1st April 2008

Route: 7½ miles; 815m = 2670' ascent; 3½ hrs.

Access: Fionn Bheinn is immediately north of Achnasheen at the A890/A832 junction. For the non-standard route of 2/12/03, park on the north side of the A832 in Achnasheen, in an arm of the old road opposite the entrance to the railway station, just E of the junction with the A890. Footprint signs mark the start of the path. Alternatively, for the usual route (of 1/4/08), there is another path starting 0.7 miles further east, but there is only parking for one car on the road verge and a deer fence needs climbing between the road and the forest.
Comments: Fionn Bheinn is a good mountain for a short winter day. The shorter route of 2/12/03 is not the best because, if in mist, the extensive flat area half way up (Grid square NH1460) is very difficult to negotiate accurately. What a nightmare! Keep much further east! The river course in this flat area is not clear, although the path follows it elsewhere: it winds backwards and forwards in all directions. There are huge deep cuts in the peat bog, filled with wide arms of water. Being on three maps makes the relative directions of objects rather unclear, losing a lot of time in both directions. However, this route might be forced on you if parking is full at the end of the usual route.
Conditions 1/4/08: Slow snow underfoot above 530m; slight rain at start and end; cloud ~2900'.
Mobile: Orange at car and at summit.

1/4/08 Description Ht.Asc.DistanceGrid Ref.
1435 Path end on A832 150    00.0 milesNH17265886
1450 Path N to top of forestry 2601100.55 milesNH17395971
1500 Gate 3652150.95 milesNH17716022
1520 Wall 5323801.7 milesNH17486124
1537 Path N to ridge (Sail an Tuim Bhain) 6595102.1 milesNH17256180
1552 Gentle ridge W to wall 7155652.5 milesNH16526194
1615 Ridge W/WNW, top of steep rise 8507003.0 milesNH15866223
1620 WSW to minor top 8757253.25 milesNH15576206
1640 W/NW/NNW to M Fionn Bheinn 9338003.75 milesNH14756214
1657 Back the same way: SSE/SE/E to top 8758154.2 milesNH15576206
1703 ENE to minor top & ridge end 850 4.5 milesNH15866223
1713 SW steeply down to wall 715 4.95 milesNH16526194
1723 Gentle ridge E to path 659 5.4 milesNH17256180
1733 Wall 532 5.75 milesNH17486124
1748 Gate 365 6.5 milesNH17716022
1758 Path E/SW/S to forest edge 260 6.9 milesNH17395971
1812 Path S back to A832. 1508157.5 milesNH17265886

2/12/03 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Grid Ref.
0830 Park on A832 at path end in Achnasheen 160    00.0 milesNH16195854
1015 Follow Allt Achadh na Sine
NW/NE/NW to M Fionn Bheinn
9337752.75 milesNH14766215
1145 Back the same way to car. 1607755.5 milesNH16195854

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