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Beinn Alligin, map 433; 28th June 2004 & 7th November 2008

Route: 1280m=4200' ascent; 6.5 miles; 4½–5 hrs.

Sgurr Mhor and the Horns of Alligin. The west face of the first Horn (An t-Sail Bheg) The west face of the middle Horn Sgurr Mhor from the Horns of Alligin. The Horns of Alligin from Sgurr Mhor. Beinn Alligin seen from Sgurr Mhor Sgurr Mhor from Beinn Alligin. Sgurr Mhor and the Horns of Alligin Coir Nan Laogh

Evaluation: 5 stars
Route: Anti-clockwise must be the best direction to do this: the big rocky steps of the ascent to the first pinnacle of the Horns are easier this way; the scree and boggy descent from Tom na Gruagaich is much softer on the feet. The only disadvantage of this direction is a slightly tricky scrambling descent from the first pinnacle of the Horns. There is a well-made path all the way round with some minor scrambling.
There is a lovely, easy horizontal path below the ridge to the SW of the horns from the col after the first pinnacle to just before the col between the third and last horn Na Rathanan and Sgurr Mhor (at NG87216130). It avoids all the scrambling over the second and third horns.
Weather 7/11/08: Dry, overcast, but clouds well above tops, cool breeze, 8°C at car at start, 11°C on return.
Mobile: Orange available at the two Munros, but not at the car park.

28/6/047/11/08 Description Ht.Asc.Dist.Grid Ref.
09200650 Park at P, 2 miles W of Torridon
(W side of bridge in forest on S side of road)
40   00.0 milesNG86915761
 0700 Take well-constructed path from E end of bridge NE to deer fence.      
09450715 Path NE to cross footbridge over Abhainn Coire Mhic Nobuil 1451151.15 milesNG88165890
09550730 Take left fork N beside Allt a'Bhealaich to bridge 2502201.65 milesNG88215966
10050740 After a further 600 yds take left fork where path splits near end of ridge. 3503202.0 milesNG88226017
10100745 Path up to base of ridge 4003702.12 milesNG88086038
10300810 Take good path up first section, with minor 10m scramble towards top. 5705402.25 milesNG87966056
10450835 Take good path up easier second section to minor top at ridge end. 7807502.6 milesNG87696100
10500840 Reach the first of the "Horns of Alligin" pinnacles, An t-Sail Bheg 8157752.65 milesNG87656107
11000850 Cross the pinnacles (with unavoidable minor scrambling):
W to 2nd pinnacle
8558352.75 milesNG87516122
11100900 W to 3rd pinnacle Na Rathanan (highest) 8668652.9 milesNG87306134
11200905 WSW to col 760 3.05 milesNG87086132
W up to M Sgurr Mhor 98610903.4 milesNG86566132
12000950 SW to col then up to rounded bump 85511153.8 milesNG85996103
12100955 SW/S round to col Fasreidhnean Beinn Alligin 767 4.05 milesNG85866066
Ascend rocky but very easy ridge southwards to
M Tom na Gruagaich (trig pt)
92212704.35 milesNG85956016
1230 — Option: Cross westwards to W top of Tom na Gruagaich 90012854.45 milesNG85786012
   Large cairn in col marking descent path into Coir nan Laogh. 880 4.5 milesNG85836006
 1110 Path SSE to stile over deer fence. From the corrie exit the path
follows a straight line back to W end of bridge at car park.
(It is peat boggy at the bottom, gravelly and sandy at the top.)
13451125 Path SSE down to W end of bridge and car park 4012856.25 milesNG86915761

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