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Beinn Teallach, Map 34; 14 Sept 2005

Route: 10.4 miles, 695m = 2280' ascent, 4¾ hrs.

Route: The normal route up Beinn Teallach starts at Roughburn and ascends the south ridge, as given in the link above for the GPS route. To complete a circular route, the north-east ridge is taken down to the cairn on the bealach and then either following the path down beside the Allt a'Chaorainn or continuing E/SE to Beinn a'Chorainn, which is a natural second Munro to include. The combination of Beinn Teallach and Beinn a'Chorainn is described in the next page
However, the route described here is one to take when heavy rain has swollen rivers sufficiently to make the Allt a Chaorainn impossible to cross at the usual fording point of NN36328223. It is very unwise to descend S ridge and expect to be able to cross the Allt a'Chaorainn after heavy rain. Note that the highest point and its height were established in 2009 by differential GPS measurements sponsored by the Munro Society. The true summit is at the smaller NE cairn, not at the apparently main cairn, and is 8" above the 3000' threshold.

Weather: Extended showers, windy, 100% cloud cover; cloud base at 750m; 12°C at car.

Mobile: Orange at main SW cairn of Beinn Teallach, not at neighbouring smaller NE cairn.

0920 Park on A86 at Roughburn,
½ mile E of Laggan Dam
270   00.0 milesNN37748136
0930 Track NW through forestry to fork 330  600.8 milesNN37128214
0940 Left at fork, and take track W down
to gate at forest edge by river.
If river in spate, continue up east bank of river.
305 1.3 milesNN36488214
1100 Poor path N up E bank of Allt a Chaorainn to
ford at 525m. The river is 5m-10m wide up
most of valley. At ford it is about 3m wide, the
first feasible crossing point by boulder hopping.
525280 NN37088603
1115 Path N to bealach by gate just short of cairn 6153704.3 milesNN37078676
1155 Path SW up ridge to true (NE) top of
M Beinn Teallach (100m from main cairn)
915655 NN36138597
1200 SW to Beinn Teallach, main SW cairn 9156705.2 milesNN36008590
1205 Return NE to minor cairn M Beinn Teallach 915  NN36138597
1230 Descend ridge NE to bealach 615 6.1 milesNN37078676
1240 Path S to re-cross river at ford 525  NN37088603
1340 Track S to gate at forest edge 305 9.1 milesNN36488214
1350 Track E to fork in forest. 330695 NN37128214
1400 Right fork back to Roughburn 270 10.4 milesNN37748136

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