Colin's Munros


A'Chralaig etc, N. Cluanie Ridge; Map 414; 29th April 2005 & 20th April 2008

Route from Lundie (Loch Cluanie): Ascent 2075m=6800'; 18.3 miles walking, 2.5 miles on bike; 12.4 hrs total.
Route from Glen Affric: from Strawberry Cottage: 18.9 miles, 2010m=6600' ascent. 14 hrs.
from Glen Affric Parking: 28.33 miles, 2190m=7190' ascent.

Mullach Fraoch Choire from Ciste Dhubh. The interesting S ridge of Mullach Fraoch Choire. Mullach Fraoch Choire, A'Chralaig, Sgurr nan Conbhairean, S ridge of Ciste Dhubh. Mullach Fraoch Choire and A'Chralaig.

Route starting at Lundie (29/4/05)

Access: Park car at east end of walk, and cycle along A87 from there to west end of walk (or leave bike at west end and drive to east end to do the walk in reverse).
Route: Another big day to include all the Munro Tops as well! A similar route from a base in Glen Affric has marginally less ascent, (see Route 2 below) but the walk in may have a different length depending on the starting point, and there is non-negligible ascent between the Glen Affric car park and Strawberry Cottage where the second route starts.
Terrain: The ridge S from Mullach Fraoch-choire to the col is knife edge with pinnacles. It requires crampons, ice axe and courage if there is any snow at all. Lots of exposure! The route goes over almost all of the pinnacles. In winter conditions the descent from the SSE top of A'Chralaig towards A'Chioch requires going over a cornice at its thinnest point just by the cairn on top 1051, and descending over steep ice. Again, ice axe and crampons are essential. This is the most likely part to be iced up of the whole route below.
Weather: Frequent, prolonged heavy showers, occasionally hail, sometimes wet snow, from 0700. Cloud level base about 3000' touching Munro tops, occasionally lifting higher & clearing tops.

0555 Park car on A87 in section of old road
near bridge over Allt Corie nan Clach
235    00.0 milesNH12411050
0610 Cycle 2.5 miles west to start of
An Caorann Mor track to Glen Affric
230    02.5 miles
0.0 miles
0655 N to track end and start of poor, wet, peaty path. 3601302.0 milesNH07951505
0715 Path N to major burn 300m S of boundary 4201902.6 milesNH07751595
  Path N to highest point & watershed by lochan 4302002.75 milesNH07801615
0830 Ascend NE/E round into to Coire Odhar &
climb SE to col – see photo above.
9497203.9 milesNH09361644
0855 N to M Mullach Fraoch-choire   (omitted
ENE Top 1047 NH100174 – not a Munro)
11028704.45 milesNH09491716
0915 Return S to col (scenic ridge – see photo above) 949 4.95 milesNH09361644
0920 SW to T Stob Coire na Cralaig 10089305.1 milesNH09131631
0925 S to col 952 5.3 milesNH09211603
0955 S to M A'Chralaig (Garbh-leac)
(Monumental cairn visible from Cluanie Inn)
112011006.1 milesNH09421481
  SSE for 0.3 miles to top
(Actually cut corner, but better to go to top)
105111056.4 milesNH09721445
1010 NE away from main ridge to col. 916 7.0 milesNH10461494
1055 NE to T A'Chioch 94711307.3 milesNH10841528
  Return SW to col. 916 7.6 milesNH10461494
  Continue SW along ridge for further 300yds 92511407.8 milesNH10231476
1145 Contour down to Bealach Choire a'Chait 727 8.4 milesNH11001420
  Contour E round edge of Toll Easach at 750m 75012209.2 milesNH12201415
1245 Ascend NE to col 91413859.83 milesNH12971477
1300 NE to M Sail Chaorainn S Top (small cairn) 1002147510.3 milesNH13311547
  N to col 960 10.5 milesNH13391574
1320 N to T Carn na Coire Mheadhoin (large cairn)
(Cairn is slightly misplaced, 10m from actual top)
1001151510.63 milesNH13421592
  NE then N to col 890 10.95 milesNH13571634
1345 NE to T Tigh Mor na Seilge (NNE Top) 929155511.3 milesNH14021664
  Return SW then S along ridge to col 890 11.65 milesNH13571634
1410 T Carn na Coire Mheadhoin (mid Top) 1001166511.95 milesNH13421592
  SSW to col 960 12.07 milesNH13391574
1425 M Sail Chaorainn, S Top (again) 1002170512.25 milesNH13311547
1445 SSW to col
(omitted X Carn a Mhadaidh-ruaidh, 921)
914 12.75 milesNH12971477
1515 S to M Sgurr nan Conbhairean 1109190013.34 milesNH12981389
1540 WSW to T Drochaid an Tuill Easaich 1001193313.95 milesNH12091342
  ENE/ESE to Glas Bhealach 965196314.6 milesNH12971334
1610 E to 1st cairn Creag a'Chaorainn  199314.85 milesNH13301315
1615 E to T Creag a'Chaorainn top (2nd cairn) 998200015.1 milesNH13721314
  SSE (over bump) to bealach 890200515.55 milesNH14151260
1640 ESE to M Carn Ghluasaid 957207515.85 milesNH14601251
  Descend SW ridge by path to old military road
(Watch, as the path continues SE to Lundie)
  17.65 milesNH13291046
1820 Military Rd (a wet path) back to A87.
(Drive along A87 to collect bike.)
230207518.3 milesNH12411050

Route starting in Glen Affric (20/4/08)

Access: Drive SW from Cannich along Glen Affric to Loch Affric. Then walk or cycle to the track end at the River Affric by Strawberry Cottage (NH13352063).
Route: A similar route from Lundie on Loch Cluanie requires marginally more ascent. However, the walk in may have a different length depending on the starting point of the Glen Affric version. A start from the car park adds another 5.0 miles and 90m ascent each way, but this can be cycled.
Terrain: See the warnings above about the ridge S from Mullach Fraoch-choire to the col and the descent from A'Chralaig towards A'Chioch.
Weather: Sunny intervals, cold but light east wind, dry, slowish snow down to 2000', freezing level below 3000'.

0605 Strawberry Cottage 235   00.0 milesNH13202067No Orange
  Footbridge to S side River Affric 235 0.1 milesNH13322050 
0615 Path SW to footbridge over Allt na Ciche 240    50.4 milesNH1298220285 
0645 Track to gate in deer fence 305  751.4 milesNH1159220024 
0710 Follow track W to gate in deer fence
above Allt Fraoch-choire
3701402.03 milesNH1057019624 
0720 Track SW to where deer fence crosses river
(Don't leave the track earlier.)
4402102.53 milesNH09941915 
0840 Cross Allt Fraoch-choire, ascent NW to ridge
and follow ridge SW to flat point at bend
8586403.8 milesNH08601830 
0900 SSE to minor top after rise on ridge 9837704.4 milesNH09101750 
0930 SW to M Mullach Fraoch-choire   (NE top
NH100174, 1047m, is no longer a Munro top)
11029004.7 milesNH09491715No Orange
1015 S to col (excellent scenic ridge) 949 5.25 milesNH09351642 
1025 SW to T Stob Coire na Cralaig 10089605.4 milesNH09131631No Orange
  S to col 952 5.6 milesNH09191606 
S to M A'Chralaig (Huge cairn)
(Orange between here and next pt)
112011306.4 milesNH09431478~Orange
1155 SSE to minor top (Don't cut corner) 105111306.7 milesNH09731445 
  Optional Detour NE to col (for Munro Top) 916 7.07 milesNH10471496 
1235 NE to T A'Chioch
(A little trodden top with spectacular views.)
94711607.57 milesNH1089415357No Orange
  Return SW to col 916 7.9 milesNH10471496 
1255 Continue SW along ridge for 300m 92511708.07 milesNH1026914794 
1325 SSE/ESE to Bealach Choire a'Chait 727 8.7 milesNH11001420 
1425 SE to T Drochaid an Tuill Easaich 100114459.55 milesNH12061343No Orange
  Ridge NE to col, then contour E/SE to
S ridge of S. nan C. and Glas Bhealach
965147510.2 milesNH12961334 
  ESE to 1st cairn Creag a'Chaorainn 997150510.4 milesNH13301315 
1515 E to T Creag a'Chaorainn (E cairn) 998151010.7 milesNH1371113166No Orange
  SSE over bump to col 890151511.15 milesNH14101263 
1540 ESE to M Carn Ghluasaid 957158311.45 milesNH14551250?No Orange
  Return WNW to col 890 11.75 milesNH14101263 
Path NNW back to lower W cairn
of Creag a'Chaorainn
995169012.35 milesNH13301316No Orange
  W/WNW back to Glas Bhealach 965 12.6 milesNH12961334 
1650 N to M Sgurr nan Conbhairean 1109183712.95 milesNH12981390No Orange
1710 NNE to col
(omit X Carn a Mhadaidh-ruaidh, 921)
914 13.55 milesNH12951480 
1735 NE to M Sail Chaorainn (small cairn) 1002192514.05 milesNH13311546Orange
  N to col 960 14.25 milesNH13381575 
N to T Carn na Coire Mheadhoin,
large cairn (misplaced by 10 yds from top)
1001196514.35 milesNH13421592Orange
  NE then N to col 890 14.65 milesNH13531633 
1820 NE to T Tigh Mor na Seilge 929200515.0 milesNH14041660Orange
  Due W to plateau edge 800 15.4 milesNH13301665 
W by burn to Gate in deer fence at
confluence of burn with Allt na Ciche
340 16.2 milesNH12251700 
1935 Path to 1st footbridge over Allt na Ciche 320 16.7 milesNH1226217818 
  Path N to start of track 300 17.1 milesNH12061840 
2000 Excellent track to gate in fence 255 18.2 milesNH1272019879 
2015 Track N to bridge over R.Affric
& Strawberry Cottage
235201018.9 milesNH13202067No Orange

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