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Stob Coire Easain, Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin & Stob Ban, Map 392; 13 Sept 2005

Route: 15½ miles, 1755m = 5760' ascent, 9⅔hrs.

Route: With a long walk in (4 miles each way), it's always worth trying to combine Stob Ban with other hills on the same day. The natural partner of the Grey Corries makes it into rather too long a walk if the whole ridge is to be attempted. However, most of that ridge can be climbed with Stob Ban as here.
On this page it is combined with Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin and Stob Coire Easain. Although they are usually done more easily on their own from Fersit, they work well with Stob Ban, especially if you are only climbing Munros. Alternatively, Stob Ban might be combined with the two Corbetts Cruach Innse 857m and Sgurr Innse 809m. Another natural combination is of Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin and Stob Coire Easain with these Corbetts. That last choice leaves Stob Ban to be done on its own, but in very poor weather that may be a wise decision!
The NW slopes of Stob Coire Easain are a bit of a pain to cross if you try to minimise the distance or the amount of ascent. After trying a few different possibilities, I think the best choice is to return from Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin to Lairig Leachach via the outward route, i.e. back over Stob Coire Easain.
Note that the rivers can be difficult to cross after heavy rainfall or thaw, including the Allt Chuil Choirean at the upper crossing ⅔rds mile west of Lairig Leachach Bothy. This may necessitate doing both the ascent and descent of Stob Ban via its east ridge as there is a (now rickety) footbridge over the Allt Chuil Choirean just upstream from the bothy at NN28247354.
The east ridge of Stob Ban is a pleasant, grassy ascent whereas its north ridge down to the bealach is loose scree. This means ascending by the east ridge and descending via the north ridge probably works best for most walkers.

Weather: Continuous rain & 100% cloud cover at 600-700m for most of day but cleared for the two hours 16:10–18:10. 16°C at car. Very windy, especially in pm. Allt Chuil Choirean & Allt na Lairige in spate, and impossible to cross near Lairig Leachach Bothy.

Mobile: Orange reception on Stob Coire Easain, Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin, and Stob Ban.

Access: No bike used as the track is too steep & rough to be worth the effort for me, but others with better gear ratios may have different opinions.
From the west edge of Spean Bridge Hotel, take C road east along south bank of R. Spean to 0.4 miles after Cour Bridge, then right (south) through Coire Choille Farm to parking just more than 1 mile after the farm. There are two parking areas: one at the end of the tramway NN25567886, the other at the end of the forest track NN25297937.

0910 Park by forest edge   (or lower down
the hill at NN25287935 if necessary.)
195   00.0 milesNN25607883
0935 Track SSE to southern edge of forest. 3501551.0 milesNN26167765
1020 Track SSE to Lairig Leachach watershed,
where track crosses to other side of valley
5053102.85 milesNN27847535
S to Lairig Leachach Bothy 4613154.0 milesNN28257366
1120 Ascend path WSW on N bank of Allt Chuil
Choirean to crossing. (The river may be
difficult to cross here when in spate.)
(Alternatively, use the bridge at
NN28247354 and ascent the E ridge.)
5854354.65 milesNN27277322
1200 SW to S end of bealach.   (An excellent
path zig-zags SW up to the left from the
base of the head wall in Coire Claurigh.)
8406855.33 milesNN26547259
1215 SE up obvious path over loose quartz scree
to M Stob Ban (No Orange reception.)
9778255.5 milesNN26667236
1225 Either return NW to Bealach NN265725 835 5.66 miles
1300 Return NE into Coire Claurigh and
down to crossing of Allt Chuil Choirean.
580 6.35 milesNN27277322
1320 ENE back to Lairig Leachach Bothy. 4618257.0 milesNN28257366
1320 Or E/NE down ridge to Lairig Leachach Bothy 4618407.0 milesNN28257366
1330 Then cross Allt na Lairige,
further upstream from ford if necessary
460 7.1 milesNN28357382
1400 Ascend ESE to ridge S of Bealach an Sgurr
(Try to avoid the tops lower on the ridge.)
62510057.5 milesNN29017366
1525 Cross plateau SSE then E up to N ridge
& scramble SSE up steep loose quartz
on ridge to M Stob Coire Easain
111515008.85 milesNN30787302
1540 E/ENE to col 965 9.15 milesNN31257317
1555 NE to M Stob a' Choire Mheadhoin 110516409.5 milesNN31667361
  Either Return by outward route to Lairig Leacach
Or Descend ridge N on slippery loose granite
scree, then turn W to centre of Coire Easain
Beag.   (Magnificent view of strata
on NE face of Stob Coire Easain)
700 10.2 milesNN30807385
1725 Contour W round Coire na Cabaig
taking a low line to Bealach an Sgurr.
555172512.8 milesNN28727408
1730 Descend W to track in Lairig Leacach 480 12.0 milesNN28267427
1750 Track N to Lairig Leachach watershed.
where track crosses to other side of valley
505175512.7 milesNN27847535
1830 N to gate at forest edge. 350 14.5 milesNN26167765
1850 N through forest back to car. 195175515.5 milesNN25607883

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