Colin's Munros


Lochnagar & Carn a'Coire Boidheach, map 44; 25th May 2007

Route: 1600m = 5255' ascent, 19.0 miles, 9.5 hrs.

Route: This route starts from Spittal of Glenmuick NO307851; there are alternatives. On a previous occasion I was less tired and included all the Tops round to Broad Cairn as well. I took a different route to Little Pap which was slightly faster but not as pleasant as that here. Note that one may return along either the north shore of Loch Muick or its southern shore. The former is a bit dull but shorter, easier and faster, whereas the latter involves an extra 40m rise to the track at the bridge half way along the loch.
In the descriptions below, "speed bumps" refers to the unnecessary stones across constructed paths which are deliberately raised to stop mountain bikes. I've hardly ever seen bikes on mountains. They are not a problem, but the bumps cause considerable extra effort to walkers, damage to joints, and stop less abled people from coming into the hills. If they really are necessary to channel water off the path (the majority are not) then they should be flush with the path surface. Everyone walks round them when possible, thereby completely undermining the purpose of constructing the path in the first place.
Weather: Snow/sleet/hail showers throughout the day, some sunny intervals, cloud mostly above tops – only in cloud at 15:30.

0930+ Park at Spittal of Glenmuick, NO307851 410   00.0 milesNO31098515
  Track SW to Visitor Centre, then
NW to Allt-ha-giubhsaich, then track
W/N to cairn at path end
6903003.0 milesNO27368611
 — Optional detour to C Conachcraig
and back to track at bealach.
865 — —NO27978653
11.20 Path W to col NO259858, then
path N to T Meikle Pap
9805754.1 milesNO26008607
  Return S to main path at col 915   NO26018577
11.50 Excellent path (i.e. no speed bumps)
SW/SSE to T Cuidhe Crom
10837754.95 milesNO26018492
  SE over large boulders to col (no path) 935   NO26358450
12.10 SE to T Little Pap 9568005.4 milesNO26518442
  Return NW to col 935   NO26358450
12.25 NW over rocks back to T Cuidhe Crom 10839505.85 milesNO26018492
13.00 NW to path, then W/NW to Cac Carn Mor 115010706.9 milesNO24538570
13.10 N to M Cac Carn Beag 115510857.2 milesNO24378613
13.35 Typical minor path NW/N down to bealach 905   NO24178684
13.45 N to T Meall Coire na Saobhaidhe 97411708.1 milesNO24268731
13.55 Return S to bealach 905   NO24178684
14.35 S/SE back to M Cac Carn Beag 115514209.0 milesNO24378613
14.45 Main path S back to Cac Carn Mor 115014459.3 milesNO24538570
  Main path SW to bealach 1035 9.75 milesNO24058517
15.20 Path W to highest pt, then cross
plateau N to The Stuic for view
1093150510.75 milesNO22648513
  S back over plateau to path at col 1085   NO22718492
15.30 S to M Carn a'Coire Boidheach (boring!) 1110 153511.1 milesNO22698456
16.00 Cross country without path ENE/SE to
T Creag a'Ghlas-uillt (boring!)
1068155012.25 milesNO24258424
16.10 Easy terrain SW without path to
T White Mounth (boring!)
1051157012.65 milesNO23748384
17.00 Descend ridge SE to valley path, 100yds before
stream from L.Buidhe (Better to head SW from
ridge above L.Buidhe & join path earlier.)
640 14.0 milesNO25078230
17.25 Excellent path – v. few speed bumps – down Glen
Dubh to Loch Muick at Allt an Dubh-loch bridge
400 15.4 milesNO27128208
EITHER Poor path round S shore of L.Muick
to bay where track descends
400 16.6 milesNO28778244
19.00 Ascend S to track, then track NE above
Loch Muick back to car park
410163019.25 milesNO31098515
 — OR Track along N shore of L.Muick to
boat house at end of loch
400 17.45 milesNO29498445
 — Track over Loch Muick outlet back to car park 410160019.0 milesNO31098515

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