Colin's Munros


Carn an t-Sagairt Mor, Fafernie & Broad Cairn, map 44; 7th June 2009

Route: 1455m = 4775 ascent, 26 miles, 10.2hrs

Route: There are several optional detours in this route, depending on which tops are to be visited and the time available. Tolmount and Tom Buidhe, for example, might be done instead from Glen Shee Ski Centre via Glas Maol as here or from Glen Clova. In that case, i.e. cutting out the part of the route between the two visits to Fafernie, the walk is reduced to 19.4 miles and 1080m=3550' ascent over the three Munros Carn an t-Sagairt Mor, Cairn Bannoch and Broad Cairn, and their tops.

0833 Park at Spittal of Glenmuick 413    00.0 milesNO3098085139No Orange
0847 Track SW almost to L.Muick 400  NO2998684183 
0850 Track to bridge over L.Muick outlet 400  NO29988419 
0900 Path W along end of loch to Boat House 401  NO2950284414 
0930 Track SW to bridge at Glas-allt-Shiel House 405 3.0 milesNO2767382427 
0940 Take right fork in path 400  NO2731582297 
1000 Path W to burn from Loch Buidhe 520  NO25858238 
1025 Path W to E end Dubh Loch (The path was recently
reconstructed up to here, but is very poor hereafter.)
640250 NO24408255 
1040 W to path end at W end Dubh Loch 650 5.8 milesNO23688300 
Allt an Dubh-loch NW to path. (Follow path
beside the fence posts on reaching upper corrie.)
930  NO2143484321 
1200 N to T Carn an t-Sagairt Beag 10446558.2 milesNO21678486Orange
  WSW to col 962  NO21248463 
  Again follow path by fence posts SW up to first cairn.      
1220 SW to M Carn an t-Sagairt Mor
(The second cairn on summit ridge, SSE end.)
10477358.9 milesNO2080984279Orange
1235 Path SSE to col 930  NO21168354 
  SE/S on path, then divert towards cairn 987  NO2161982805 
  S to Juniper cairn 994  NO2165082486 
1255 S to T Fafernie 100080010.2 milesNO21518231Orange
1305 OPTIONAL DETOUR (6.1miles, 365m = 1200)
SW to Creag Leachdach for view
955  NO21018163Orange
1325 S (or SE/S) to col 883  NO2176980571 
  SW to col 874  NO21618021 
WSW to M Tolmount 958885 NO21038003Orange
1355 S/SW to col 866  NO2078079162 
1405 Path SE direct to M Tom Buidhe 95797513.5 milesNO21407877Orange
  N to burn 830  NO21367924 
  Contour NE to next burn 830  NO21757971 
1435 ENE to T Crow Craigies 9201065 NO2220079869No Orange
1445 NNE back to col 883  NO2176980571 
1510 N back to T Fafernie 1000118516.3 milesNO21518231 
1515 Path NE to Juniper Cairn 994  NO2165082486 
  THEN Path NE/E to rejoin main path at col 985  NO2194882644 
Path E to M Cairn Bannoch 1012121516.8 milesNO22298254Orange
  S/SE to col 969  NO22388222 
1542 SE to T Cairn of Gowal 991124517.4 milesNO22678208No Orange
1550 SSE to Cairn of Gowal 9831255 NO2278881664 
  Continue SE to col 904  NO23128128 
1605 SSE to T Craig of Gowal 927128018.2 milesNO23208093No Orange
  OPTION: Continue 270m SSE to farthest pt & back 925  NO23508071Orange
1610 NNW to T Craig of Gowal 9271280 NO23208093No Orange
1615 Return NNW to col 904  NO23128128 
1625 Contour NE to path at pass 9351310 NO2323881753 
N to T Creag an Dubh-loch
(Make sure to go to cliff edge for stunning views.)
983136019.2 milesNO23318228No Orange
1645 Return S then SE to path on col 934  NO23478174 
1655 ESE to M Broad Cairn 998142519.8 milesNO2405881566Orange
  E to track end on Little Craig 865  NO24598143 
1720 Track E/SE to cabin on col 700  NO25638086 
  Track E to highest point 7301455 NO26208087 
1755 E along plateau edge to cairn at ridge end 620  NO28448197 
1805 Zigzag E to bridge above L. Muick 450 23.4 milesNO28858218 
  Track NE above Loch Muick to path end 400  NO2998684183 
1832 Track split just beyond loch end 400  NO2998684183 
1845 Track NNE back to Car Park 400 26.1 milesNO3098085139No Orange

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