Colin's Munros


Bynack More, map 36, 403 or OL3; 22nd September 2006

Route: 12.1 miles, 755m/2480' ascent, 5¼hrs.

Loch Avon from The Saddle. Stacan Dubha & Carn Etchachan. The Barns of Bynack. The Barns of Bynack. The Little Barns of Bynack. An Lochan Uaine.

Route: This is a shorter, more straight-forward walk than the previous ambitious one of Bynack More with Cairn Gorm. It has good, fast paths and tracks throughout. This is the easiest way of doing Bynack More. Those climbing this peak should make sure to visit the Barns of Bynack a few hundred metres south from the summit.
If doing Munro tops, remember to include Bynack Beg and A'Choinneach in this walk, as given in the GPS route above. This adds 3 miles to the distance and 125m of ascent. When returning from Bynack Beg, there is a useful path contouring round back to the path up Bynack More, reaching it at NJ04070737 where the steep section begins. (Another point on it is NJ03910706.) Its middle section is excellent, but the ends are a bit faint.

0855 Official parking by side of road
immediately after Glenmore Lodge
340    00.0 milesNH98740948
0915 Track NE to An Lochan Uaine 350  101.25 milesNJ00141075
0920 Track NE to track fork 360  201.5 milesNJ00301105
0950 Right fork E to R.Nethy footbridge 4401002.8 milesNJ02101050
1040 Path E up ridge to path fork
(Now properly constructed.)
7804404.55 milesNJ03910872
1050 Path S by-passing top 8184804.95 milesNJ03940807
Good path due S up ridge to Bynack More 10907556.05 milesNJ04200632
 — Optional detours to Barns of Bynack, and
Munro tops A'Choinneach & Bynack Beg
1220 Return by same route: N by-passing top 818 7.15NJ03940807
1225 N to path split 780 7.55 milesNJ03910872
NW down to footbridge over R. Nethy 440 9.3 milesNJ02101050
1330 Track W to fork at pass 360   010.6 milesNJ00301105
Track SW to the scenic An Lochan Uaine 350   010.9 milesNJ00141075
1430 Track SW to P at Glenmore Lodge 340   012.1 milesNH98740948

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