Colin's Munros


The Tarmachans, map 378
18th January 2004 & 17th November 2007

Route: 945m=3100' ascent; 9.1 miles; 7 or 4½ hours!

Access: There is some space for parking at the end of the hydro road at NN60513833. However, the best parking is a new area along the rough hydro road, just over the burn at NN60363825. The main parking is the Lawers car park, hidden from view, on the west side of the road, almost opposite the end of the path to Ben Lawers. When travelling up hill from Loch Tay, this parking is on the left through the fence beside a well-camouflaged aquamarine notice for "Lawers National Nature Reserve" at NN60873778, about 10m before the path on the right for Ben Lawers, signed "Nature Reserve". There is a path from here across the burn and up to the hydro road. (The former Visitor Centre has been removed and its associated car park has been turfed over.)
Route: This is a very standard round which currently includes three Munro tops as well as the Munro. The former Munro top Creag na Caillich was declared a Corbett top in September 2015, but that's no reason for not including it. If the prevailing SW wind is blowing, the clockwise direction puts the wind behind you on all of the ridge except the final descent.
There are excellent paths all round with one minor bit of easy scrambling and some exposed steps. There are miniscule cairns on most tops.
NB Note the unusual topography of the path when leaving the summit of Meall nan Tarmachan. This makes it potentially difficult to find the way down in mist & snow.
Map: An unhelpful page turn may be required on the 1:25000 map in high winds; perhaps the 1:50000 would be a better choice.
Weather 18/01/04: Deep snow down to low levels, low cloud, some rain, very strong winds. Had to circumnavigate summit rock of Meall Garbh to climb it from NE in very high wind.
17/11/07: 9°C at car; total cloud cover; cloud level at 750m; drizzle all day; strong S winds.

18/01/04 17/11/07 Description Ht.Asc.Dist. Grid Ref.Mobile
1010 0915 Parking near former Ben Lawers Visitor Centre 460   00.0 miles NN60873778Orange
  0925 Head N for 600m along road then take track
left (west) for 300m to gate over hydro track
(Path up is 300m after this gate)
460  400.6 miles NN60513833 
  0950 Follow track W along 550m contour,
taking right at first fork.
5151102.0 miles NN59153657 
  0955 Take second left at a fork
(Ignore 1st left to a dam after 200m)
5501502.35 miles NN58613691 
  1010 Continue the track W passed a small dam 5551603.1 miles NN57583676 
1145 1030
Track W to dam at track end 5551703.65 miles NN56773677Orange
  1040 Path W to col 6652754.0 miles NN56243676 
1300 1120 Path continues W avoiding cliffs, then bends
back NE to ridge, then N along ridge to
X Creag na Caillich
9165254.7 miles NN56273770Orange
    Path N/NE to col 845 5.05 miles NN56553811 
1340 1150
NE to T Beinn nan Eachan NN570383 10006855.4 miles NN57023841Orange
  1205 NE for 300yds, then SE for 125yds to col 9356855.65 miles NN57343848 
1410   SE to Beinn nan Eachan E top 9507005.75 miles NN57413841 
1415 1210 Continue E for 150yds to col 915 5.8 miles NN57553844 
1430 1225 SE/E up ridge to T Meall Garbh 10268106.0 miles NN57843838No Orange
1450 1235 NE down to lochan on col 950 6.3 miles NN58213867 
1510 1245
NE/NNE to M Meall nan Tarmachan
10449006.65 miles NN58503904Orange
~1530 1305 Continue NE for 100m or so, then sharp right
off ridge & SSE then SE down path to
T Meall nan Tarmachan SE Top
9239407.1 miles NN58933854Orange
  1315 S to bend in path 730 7.65 miles NN59143768 
  1320 E to gate over path 670 7.7 miles NN59293774 
  1330 E to rejoin hydro track 300m S of gate 460 8.35 miles NN60263797 
  1335 300m N on track to gate 4609458.55 miles NN60333824 
1700 1345 Continue track to right at junction with road
then S to parking near former Visitor Centre
460 9.15 miles NN60873778Orange

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