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Meall Ghaordaidh (from Glen Lochay), Map 378W
30th January 2006 & 8th March 2010

Route (with Beinn nan Oighreag): 1245m = 4080' ascent; 8.5 miles; 6 hrs
(895m=2935' ascent, 5.6 miles, 3½hrs without Beinn nan Oighreag)

Comment: Meall Ghaordaidh is a Munro on its own which is suitable for a half day walk. However, it has a Corbett companion, Beinn nan Oighreag, whose addition makes for a better day out.
Access: From Killin, take road into Glen Lochay for 4.3 miles. The preferred (and wider) road is the one on the south side. 1.7 miles after the two roads join, park on the bend 300m W of Duncroisk, just over the Allt Dhuin Croisg bridge at NN526363.
Weather 30/1/06: Perfect walking weather. No snow. –1°C at car, warm day, dry, no breeze, little cloud, very sunny.
Weather 8/3/10: Dry, light breeze, 0°C, snow underfoot above 2000 ft, warm in sun.
Weather 1/1/16: 2°C all day; dry, total cloud cover with base falling from 950m a.m. to about 800m p.m. Crampons required on Meall Ghaordaidh above 750m. Snow on ground above 200m, typically 10ins on ridges; a bit thinner on crest but over 2 feet deep in drifts on ridge. Very stiff breeze on exposed ridges. So slow progress in places!
Terrain: Path is very wet and boggy unless frozen.
Mobile: Orange signal at top, weak signal at car.

30/1/068/3/101/1/16 Description Ht.AscentDistanceGrid Ref
120011150850 Park in Glen Lochay at Allt Dhuin Croisg bridge
NN526363. Track starts 10yds from bridge, through gate.
 145 0.0 milesNN52633634
 11450930 Follow track/path N on W bank of river to old shielings  350 2051.0 milesNN53393764
 – –
Either head NW to Meall Ghaordaidh
Or NNW for ¾ mile, then N to C Beinn nan Oighreag



3.35 miles

 – –1220-30 500m S back along ridge to bump, then SW/W to bealach  6354.05 milesNN53534050
 – –1300 W to ridge, diverting to left of ridge end to avoid rocks 8059654.5 milesNN52984037
 – –1345 SW over several bumps to Cam-Chreag 89010705.0 milesNN52323982
 – –  NW to col 865 5.1 milesNN52203989
135513301420 NW, resp NW/SW up shoulder to M Meall Ghaordaidh 103912455.65 milesNN51443970
 14301535 Return SE to old sheilings  350 7.4 milesNN53393764
151014501607 S beside river to car.  14512458.45 milesNN52633634

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