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Ben Challum, Map 377E

Route 1: with Corbetts, 16/04/14: 1400m = 4600' ascent; 9.4 miles; 6⅔ hours.
Route 2: 19/1/04: 960m = 3150' ascent; 7.8 miles; 4.5 hours.
Route 3: 3/3/07: 955m = 3130' ascent; 7.0 miles.

Routes: Although one can climb Ben Challum on its own, a fine round is achieved by including the two Corbetts Beinn Chaorach and Cam Creag. The price tag is a mere 440m=1500' extra ascent and three miles more distance, yielding a total which is still just an average day. With such a round there's a greater variety of scenery, and the crossing from Cam Creag to Ben Challum is unusually enjoyable. It also saves a lot of climbing if you were ever to return to do the Corbetts.
There are several possible parking spots to start from. The best is by Auchtertyre Farm at NN35312901, but there is also parking on the west side of the A85 by Dalrigh at NN34362914 and by Auchreoch at NN35612812. The West Higland Way all but connects these three choices.
The railway needs to be crossed. This is possible by taking the road on either side of the river under the viaduct at Auchtertyre or by the footbridge at NN36182871.

Route 1 (with Corbetts): 16th April 2014

Route: This route includes Beinn Chaorach, Cam Creag and Beinn Challum, starting at Auchtertyre. I strongly recommend tackling this in a clockwise direction to avoid finishing by walking through the deep cattle excrement all over the track at the SW corner of the viaduct.
Conditions: Dry all day but stiff breeze.

0725 Parking just before Auchtertyre Farm 180   00.0 miles NN35312901
  Track N up W bank to viaduct 230 50  NN35422949
0755 Track N to small footbridge 3001201.0 miles NN35523038
Ridge N to C Beinn Chaorach trig pt 8186402.45 miles NN35883281
0935 N to col 638 3.2 miles NN36233397
NE to C Cam Chreag (NW end) 8848904.2 miles NN37573460
  SE to col 859 4.65 miles NN38023402
SE to ridge end bumps 875 4.9 miles NN38273370
SW/S by fence to Bealach Ghlas Leathaid
(going further W than fence is less steep)
575 5.45 miles NN37843300
SSE/SE to M Ben Challum
(No mobile signal)
102513606.2 miles NN38643220
  S to col 950   NN38643192
1230 S to T Ben Challum, S top 99814056.55 miles NN38623161
Follow fence SSW to level-ish area 660 7.6 miles NN37643040
1400 Cross two fences and follow 3rd fence
WSW down to viaduct
220 9.0 miles NN35512950
1405 Track S to West Highland Way and
cross bridge back to parking
18014059.4 miles NN35312901

Route 2: 19th January 2004

Route: This is just Ben Challum, starting at Dalrigh and returning by the outward route.
Weather: Wind, low clouds, rain. Snow under foot above 2000'.
Comments: Better to park in designated car park at Auchtertyre Farm, and take track on West bank of river as far as N end of forestry, then cross river by bridge & take track up E bank to dam (not marked). An alternative, given below, is to go via Kirkton Farm and over a level crossing above the farm, from which there is a path up the ridge to the summit.

0855 Park at "P" on A82 by Dalrigh, 1 mile S of Tyndrum
(Alternative parking at Auchtertyre Farm)
180   00.0 milesNN34402911
0915 Take track S to R. Cononish, then West Highland Way
left along river bank, cross A82 and follow
track N over bridge to Auchtertyre Farm then N
on E bank of Allt Auchtertyre to E end of Viaduct.
220 501.1 milesNN35512950
1025 Ascend E to fence meeting 6504802.5 milesNN376304
1120 Head NE up ridge to T Ben Challum, S Top 9988303.55 milesNN38623161
1135 N to M Ben Challum, Stob Glas 10259003.9 milesNN38643220
1145 Return same way: S to T Ben Challum, S Top 9989504.25 milesNN38623161
1210 Descend ridge to fence meeting 650 5.3 milesNN376304
1305 Descend W to dam in Gleann a'Chlachain, cross river
and follow track down W bank to W end of Viaduct.
220 6.7 milesNN35452950
1315 Track S to car park at Auchtertyre Farm 180 7.1 milesNN35322902
1325 Track S/SW over A82, then W/NW to car at Dalrigh 1809607.8 milesNN34402911

Route 3: 3rd March 2007

Route: This is just Ben Challum, starting on the A85 at Auchreoch.
Conditions: Occasional showers, snow down to under 2000'.

1 Northbound layby on A85 at Auchreoch 170   00.0 milesNN35582813
2 Bridge over R. Fillan to Kirkton Farm, 165 0.15 milesNN35822806
3 Track N to bridge over railway, 220  550.75 milesNN36172872
4 Follow fence NE to T Ben Challum, S top.
This is a complex top: leave by first
crossing NW to subsidiary ridge.
9988353.15 milesNN38623161
  NW to subsidiary ridge, then N to col 955 3.35 milesNN38643192
5 N/NE to M Ben Challum 10259003.5 milesNN38643220
  SW/S back to col 955 3.65 milesNN38643192
6 S to subsidiary ridge just west of Ben Challum, S top 9989553.9 milesNN38623161
7 Follow fence SW to railway bridge 220 6.3 milesNN36172872
8 Track SSW to bridge over R. Fillan to Kirkton Farm 170 6.87 milesNN35822806
9 Northbound layby on A85 at Auchreoch 1709557.05 milesNN35582813

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