Colin's Munros


Meall Glas & Sgiath Chuil, Maps 378W/365N
17th April 2005 & 16th November 2007

Route 17/04/05: Ascent 1270m=4160'; 9.7 miles; 6 hrs.
Route with Corbett 16/11/07: Ascent 1470m=4815'; 10.4 miles; 7 hrs.

Comments: The 1:50000 map is a better choice than the two 1:25000 maps for covering this walk. If the mountains are in mist and a wind blowing it may be difficult to manage the compass bearings on the lower approaches from the larger scale maps as they are split between the two sheets. The smaller scale map covers the whole walk much more conveniently on one sheet. However, the different scaled maps are entirely inconsistent on the forestry between Allt Essan and Allt Riobhain, with satellite images favouring the larger scale map for accuracy. That forestry should be avoided because of its high fence – just don't cross into it or you will have to cross the fence again to get out.
Route: The walk has no difficulties. However, crossing the moors is a bit tedious and it helps to have the visibility to locate the gap in the cliffs of Meall Glas where the Allt Coire nam Moine breaks through them.
The walk can be extended easily by adding the Corbett Beinn nan Imirean, 849m, NN41943098, as on the second route. The extra cost is ¾ mile walking and 200m of ascent.
Access: Note the loss of the bridge over the R. Lochay at NN453356, making an ascent from the north more difficult.
Weather 17/04/05: 2" of easy fresh snow above 2000'; cloud base 900m initially, rising to 950m at 10:30; 5°C at car. Very Strong SE wind on both summit ridges; dry till 13:30, then heavy rain. Only vaguest of paths after initial mile.
16/11/07: 4°C, full cloud cover down to about 500m, light rain most of day.

17/04/05 16/11/07 Route Point Ht.Asc.DistanceGrid Ref.
0830 0900 Park in Glen Dochart 5yds off the A85
at Auchessan road,
155   00.0 milesNN44782757
  0910 Go up to far side of large house, through side
gate on right of house, then left on track behind
house to Bridge by Sheep Folds.
180  NN45492820
  0930 Follow track up E bank of tributary of Allt Essan
to stile & gate at fence beside stream
330175 NN44502908
   – N up W side of forestry to
level with end of trees.
400245 NN446296
 – 1110
- 1120
NW to C Beinn nan Imirean (Orange)
8497053.2 milesNN41943096
 – 1140 NE to Bealach 660 3.7 milesNN42673131
 – 1230
- 1250
NE to M Meall Glas 95910054.4 milesNN43133222
0950  – OR Continue NNE beside Allt Riobain
to bridge at river confluence
0950  – Head NW beside Allt Glas for ⅔ mile then
N over peat hacks to Allt Coire nam Moine
at start of steeper section.
1040  – Head NW beside Allt Coire nam Moine
between cliffs to M Meall Glas
9598053.6 milesNN43133222
  1300 THEN E to Col 855  NN43813235
    Path E skirting top 908850 NN44103234
    Path NE to col 895  NN44253249
1105 1310 NE to T Beinn Cheathaich, trig pt
(No Orange)
9379004.5 milesNN44403267
1135 1340 N for 300m along summit ridge, then easy grassy
ridge curving down NE/E avoiding summit
crags. Then SE down to Lairig a'Churain.
609 5.4 milesNN45473249
  1410 NE to join ridge N of Meall a'Churain. (All
grassy, avoiding steep, slightly craggy slopes.)
1215 1420 S to first top T Meall a'Churain 91812006.1 milesNN46263254
    S to Col
over bump
to next col
1235 1435
- 1440
S to M Sgiath Chuil 92112456.5 milesNN46293186
    S to col with Sgiath Chrom 830  NN46243158
1315 1515
- 1520
SW off ridge & down to hydro track 480 7.6 milesNN45263051
    SW to bridge over Allt Riobain 460 7.75 milesNN45043037
  1545 Track S on W side of forestry to fence with
gate & stile by stream (rejoining way up)
330  NN44502908
Path S on E bank of river towards Auchessan:
Sheep pens at bridge behind Auchessan
1415 1615 Track S back to road end at A85.
155 9.65 milesNN44782757

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