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Beinn a'Bheithir: Sgorr Dhonuill & Sgorr Dhearg, Map 384; 26th Nov 2004 & 9th Jun 2007

Route 1 14/06/19: 1410m = 4630' ascent; 8.5 miles.
Route 2 09/06/07: 1410m = 4630' ascent; 8.2 miles.
Route 3 26/11/04: 1320m = 4330' ascent; 8.7 miles; 5hrs 45 mins

Sgorr Dhonuill seen from its east ridge. Sgorr Dhearg Path Closure Notice. Sgorr Dhearg Path Weight Limit. Beinn a' Bheithir Sign Post.

WARNING: Sgorr Dhearg Path closed during 2019 (see photo above). There is tree felling in the forestry of Gleann a' Chaolais (Glenachulish) making the normal path to Sgorr Dhearg impassable. No alternative route is provided.
However, on descent, from the forest corner at NN04965615 to the path where it crosses the track at NN04755756, you might try contouring NW round the upper edge of the forest for 800m to about NN04475663, heading down through the forest for 400m to the loop in the forest track at NN04515685, going left along the track for 800m to the T-junction at NN04425696, then turning right along the track to re-join the path at NN04755756. This should be easier to follow on ascent. The forest is not too dense.
Another alternative is Route 3 which starts in Ballachulish and goes along the track to the south of Beinn a' Bheithir, avoiding Glenachulish entirely.

Route 1 (14/06/19): This is the normal circular route and usually a better choice than either route 2 or route 3. There is a good track or well-constructed path through all the forestry. A minor issue is the scree on the final ascent up to the col west of Sgorr Dhonuill. This may make a clockwise direction preferable, but the counter-clockwise route described next puts the prevailing wind behind on the ridge.

1 Park at P in South Ballachulish    45      00.00 milesNN04705891
2 Track S to signpost at path split    60  1050.45 milesNN04705821
3 Follow right “Sgorr Dhonuill” track SW to head of valley   295  2501.65 milesNN03755677
4 Path SSW to ridge (Some scree for final 120m of ascent)   775  7302.55 milesNN02955553
5 Ridge E to M Sgorr Dhonuill 1001  9553.30 milesNN04065553
6 E to bealach   755 3.75 milesNN04795546
7 ENE to M Sgorr Dhearg 102412254.45 milesNN05695584
8 (Optional detour to Munro top:) E to col   900  NN06155591
9 NE to T Sgorr Bhan   94712704.80 milesNN06275604
10 Return SW to col   900  NN06155591
11 W to M Sgorr Dhearg 102413925.25 milesNN05695584
12 Return WSW to bealach   755 5.85 milesNN04795546
13 Follow path N to forest corner   525 6.30 milesNN04965616
14 Path NNE along forest edge to forest entry.
(Note the short ascent just before entering the forest.)
  500 6.55 milesNN05145650
15 Return by path/track N to car park.   4514108.50 milesNN04705891

Route 2 (09/06/07): This is the normal route and usually a better choice than route 3. There is a well-constructed path up to the edge of the forestry.

1 Park at P in South Ballachulish NN046589    45    00.0 miles
2 Tracks & path S to col NN048555 7557102.5 miles
3 W over bump to M Sgorr Dhonuill 10019553.0 miles
4 Return E to col 755 3.5 miles
5 ENE to M Sgorr Dhearg 102412254.15 miles
6 E to col 900  
7 NE to T Sgorr Bhan 94712704.6 miles
8 Return SW to col 900  
9 W to M Sgorr Dhearg 102413955.05 miles
10 Return WSW to col 755 5.7 miles
11 Return by path/track N to car park.   4514128.2 miles

Route 3 (26/11/04): I traded the usual route, route 2, for a boring start on an easy track which I could do in semi-darkness and an enjoyable descent from Sgorr Ban at the end. There are good paths along the ridge and along the valley, but no connecting path up to col on this route. It is probably better to do this route in reverse, ascending by the sharp NE ridge of Sgorr Ban to S of Allt a'Choire Riabhaich (as recommended in SMC Munro book.)
Weather: Overcast but clearing; cloud at 1000m; showery; 20 mins rain from 1010.

0640 Park at P in Ballachulish NN084585
(first right once off A82).
    5   00.0 miles
  Take B road S to bridge over river,
cross footbridge and take C road
S passed school to quarry NN081574.
  60  550.75 miles
0820 Ascend excellent track S/SW/W to dense
Forestry Commission trees NN057546.
2752703.4 miles
  Ascend N to corner of forestry (350m)
and set compass direct to bealach.
0920 NW to Bealach NN047555 7557504.2 miles
0950 W over bump to M Sgorr Dhonuill NN040555 100110054.7 miles
1010 Return E to bealach NN047555 755 5.2 miles
1040 E/ENE to M Sgorr Dhearg NN056558 (trig post) 10241275 
1050 E down to col 901  
1055 NE to T Sgorr Bhan NN062560 94713206.3 miles
  Unwisely descended scree gully into Coire Riabhaich
instead of taking the NE ridge to its south.
  NE to track at quarry   60 7.8 miles
1225 N to P in Ballachulish.     51320m8.6 miles

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