Colin's Munros


Ben More Assynt & Conival, map 15; 29th Nov 2003 & 13th Aug 2009

Route: Ascent 1220m=4000'; Distance 21.0km = 13 miles.

Access: Accessible via Tain or Ullapool.
Route: The route specifically includes the Munro Top on the S ridge of Ben More Assynt. This ridge is narrow and scenic with several time-consuming, exposed pinnacles which are easy in dry conditions, but become dangerous in two or three places when wet. The ridge is well worth the effort and far more interesting than just taking the route over Conival in each direction. There’s slow terrain for most of the ascent route where there’s no path marked on the map: either there’s no path over grass, heather & peat (for low level parts) or there’s a path over endless rocks (on the ridges). However, there is a clear rocky or squelchy and peaty “tourist” path for all the descent. On the upper descent from Conival one should definitely stick firmly to the ridge path continuing it almost to the bealach before descending into the corrie. Any deviation runs into very difficult, unstable scree.
A trip up Breabag (a Corbett) can be included as a “warm-up”. Including Breabag adds 5.9 kms in distance and 415m of ascent to the route: 1220m = 4000' & 21.0 kms = 13 miles without Breabag, and 1635m = 5365' & 27.0 kms = 17 miles with Breabag.
Apparently, one can omit Carn nan Conbhairean by ascending N of Dubh Loch Mor, but including it makes for a much more interesting walk.
Follow a circular route in either direction according to weather.
Comments: (As of Nov 2019) There is Orange connectivity at the first layby on A837 to the south of Inchnadamph but not in Inchnadamph itself.
The area is of high geological interest, as noted by Leeds University’s School of Earth and Environment.

29/11/0313/08/09 Description Alt.Asc.Dist.Grid RefMob.
07400700 Park opp. Inchnadamph Hotel, just S of bridge.   70  0 0.0 kmsNC25062153No Orange
 —0745 EITHER Walk 3.9kms/2.4miles S on A837 to P 138703.9 kmsNC25281787 
Path E/SE by Allt nan Uamh to caves 3002306.1kmsNC27061700 
 —  ESE up burn to NC283165 6205507.4 kmsNC28331653 
SSE to C Breabag 8187508.3 kmsNC28611572Orange
 —1015 NNE to col between lochans 625 9.7 kmsNC29261700 
 —1045 N to Breabag N top (subsidiary top 400m to N) 71885510.7 kmsNC29201795 
 —  NNE to pt 649 (bypassed to E) 649  NC29491882 
 —1120 ENE to E end of bealach 50085512.3 kmsNC30301905 
  — OR     Cross to N end of bridge,
& take track E by R. Traligill to path fork
1751052.7 kmsNC27072102 
0930 — Take right fork of path over river to see caves,
and continue up Allt a' Bhealaich to col
5104406.4 kmsNC302193 
1145 THEN
Contour round E to outlet from Dubh Loch Mor
455 14.0 kmsNC31611885 
Go round S end of lochan and continue SSE
gaining height below cliffs until the slope relents
enough for a steep ascent E to the ridge
and N up the ridge to Carn nan Conbhairean.
868127016.0 kmsNC32501830 
 1313 N to col 805  NC32421867 
N along narrow ridge to T Ben More S Top
(There is one awkward exposed move on this section)
960141017.0 kmsNC32381928Orange
NNW on narrow ridge to M Ben More Assynt
There are a couple of short exposed sections before
the col where care is essential, but the ridge is
perfectly straight-forward after the col.
998151018.0 kmsNC31822011Orange
 1430 W down ridge passed minor top (400m) to col 885153018.9 kmsNC30892004 
W up to M Conival 987163019.5 kmsNC30301991Orange
NW/N to bealach
(Go almost as far as the bealach)
820163520.9 kmsNC30002100 
   W into upper corrie, then WSW to Gleann Dubh 360 22.15kmsNC29002040 
   Path WNW down Gleann Dubh to fork in path 175 24.15kmsNC27072102 
   Path NW by R. Traligill to track end 160 24.9kmsNC26612145 
 1645 Track NW to Glenbain Cottages 140  NC26402165 
16201705 Track NW/WSW to parking at Inchnadamph   70163526.9 kmsNC25062153No Orange

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